So many people graduating today - ME TOO!!!!!!!

Well, that's me done with week 9 - my third 5k of the week! I feel so chuffed with myself, to have got through all of the challenges of C25K and to consider myself a runner now - ok, a green behind the ears novice runner, who will finish at the back of my first park run in a weeks time, but a runner none the less.

A lovely day for it, too - sun shining, nice spring temperature, and I felt well up for it. I managed a decent pace for me - all my splits were sub-7min/k for the first time, and my 5k was done in 33:41, which I'm well pleased with. Though I hate to acknowledge the years, I really ought to look at what I've done in the context of a 58 year old first time runner!

I also took my running time up to over 37 minutes, and achieved 5.5km. I think my aim over the next week will be to try to consolidate that as a short term benchmark rather than to go further, as I felt I was pushing myself at the end.

Now I haven't got the discipline of the C25K to follow, I'll have to get my head around planning some kind of structure to my running, and think of some targets.

My run -


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  • Congratulations Steve, you must be so proud of yourself. 😊

  • Wowsers!!! Another graduation ceremony today. I feel like a party animal and it's not elevenses yet!

    Well done Steve, many congrats and pats on the back. You've really done this in fine style. Bask in your glory today and reward yourself for completing the programme. A nice new top or socks etc. You already have shoes don't you?

    C25k+ podcasts are excellent. Some folks don't follow through with them but they should as they are good! Lots of content to keep you busy before moving on to bridge the gap between 5 and 10 k, which is another story ..........

  • Thanks, MW. I think I will give those C25K+ podcasts a try - they're already on my phone!

  • Thanks, Lou. Yes, I am!

  • Delighted for you, congratulations.

    Following your runs for the last few weeks, you made it look easy.

  • I wouldn't describe it as easy, but there came a point when I felt I was in control of my runs. I felt competent!

  • Well Done. It feels great doesn't it. You can hold your head up when those runners are coming towards you and wave and smile at them (not sure I feel like I should be yet though:)) I felt a little lost on Monday though so I just repeated Week 9 this week.

    Don't' forget your badge. Have a great weekend and Happy Running

  • Thanks, Stef. I'll be going for a bit of a run on Sunday then changing my running days from Monday, Wednesday, Friday to Tuesday, Thursday, then Parkrun on Saturday! Ooo-err!

  • Good luck for the Park Run. You are braver than me I am still too shy/scared for this even though I have looked at the speeds form the last few weeks and I know I would be able to do it. Maybe in a couple more weeks :)

  • I don't know about brave, Stef, though for the last couple of weeks I've no longer felt like an imposter pretending to run!

  • You'll like Parkrun I'm sure. You'll see all sorts of folks there. It's really quite a surprise. So many people of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities but all there to enjoy a trot round. I'd keep left as the elite runners like to run on the right and storm past you quite alarmingly. LOL

    The Stepping Stones podcasts can seem slow at first but they're deceiving. See them through as they're good

  • Brilliant... well done :-)

  • Thanks :)

  • Congratulations Steve. Isn't it a great feeling! Best wishes for all your future running adventures. Enjoy the day :-) :-)

  • Certainly is a great feeling!

  • Yippeee! Well done you! What a brilliant start to the weekend. :)

  • Thanks, Sarah. I'll be following your progress!

  • Well done. Your age grade is 46.8% (i.e. your pace was 46.8% of the pace for the world record for someone of your age). That's pretty good going. You'll be fine at parkrun. I find that I always run faster at parkrun anyway, simply because there are other people there to pace yourself against. It wouldn't surprise me if you did a parkrun in 31 to 32 minutes.

  • Thanks, Adam, that's really encouraging!

  • If you're doing 33 minute 5Ks, there is no way you will be at the back of the field in a PR! Enjoy!

  • Thanks, Nick! The only thing I'm a little apprehensive about is running on softer ground - I think it might be more tiring.

  • you will have to check out your local PRs and see what terrain they run on. There are a couple near my parents, one run on grass / mud and the other on the promenade by the seafront. Guess they will be completely different but will found out soon enough!

  • I've already sussed it out. There are three near me, all on grass/earth, but I'm told one is a bit better than the others - I'll go for that.

  • Congratulations Steve_L - really pleased for you and reading all these happy comments is making me look forward to my week 9 runs next week. I'm also thinking of switching from mon/wed/fri to tues/thurs + pr on sat. Plus maybe following the 'strength & flex' podcasts, as a way of adding to my overall fitness. I look forward to seeing how you progress from here. Hope you get that graduate badge soon :)

  • Thanks, Ruth! I had a listen to the "Stepping Stones" podcast this afternoon. Think I'll give that a go on Tuesday after a gentle run on Sunday.

  • Ooo! Now I have a nice shiny new "graduate" badge!

  • Congratulations Steve - brilliant job. I like the idea of pushing for 5k in week 9 - I'll try that.

  • Congratulations - I hope you feel really proud of yourself! Lots of lovely running adventures ahead.

  • Fab. Really well done Steve and what a great time too. I bet you're still smiling.

  • I am! :)

  • Well done - what a fantastic achievement!

  • Thanks- and let's see you do it now - you can!

  • Fantastic, well done! Enjoy your running. I'm sure you will love parkrun too x :-)

  • well done. Awesome feeling isn't it. You've proven you can run.

    I still do mon and wed, then I have two days recovery for the parkrun, which is still more difficult for me than the treadmill. Or I can run Friday if I can't make Saturday for some reason.

  • I was 57 when I graduated, Steve, and I am sure you will find that C25k has changed your life as much as I did. At our age this new lease of life is such a bonus that I am sure you will never take for granted.

    Many congratulations, fellow runner.

  • Thanks for that. This has been a very special couple of months. I've achieved more than I could have imagined when I started. I really do think this is life changing.

  • Fab post Steve xxx

    Many many Congratulations to you on your Graduation. I hope you enjoy wherever your running adventures take you.

    No stopping you now Supersonic Steve ! :-) xxx

  • Congratulations sir!

    Lots of of options open to you now. May all your runs be happy runs.

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