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Horrible run

Tonight was w2r3 and its wasn't good but for a number of reasons. Firstly a very busy day at work where I didn't manage to have lunch because I've a school concert on Thursday and had to practice with various groups..I then took a group after schoolandj ate my lunch on the way home in the car. When I went for my run I was definitely suffering from not eating properly. My legs were really heavy and my ankle was sore from a bite I got yesterday. Think some type of insect attacked me and this was rubbing against my trainer. Anyway, I completed the run, but hated every minute of it. Hopefully the two rest days will help my bite recover and I'll have my concert finished - should beable to relax and enjoy it on Friday....

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Hello Moomin - there's no doubt in my mind that your head has a lot to do with your performance and your perception of your enjoyment :-) I work full time and am a single mum to two daughters so have my hands full ALL of the time. What I find works for me (a lot of the time) is to think "right, this is MY time - 40 minutes hard earned and well deserved minutes just for me" and then concentrate on how it feels to be free and moving - it quite often turns things round for me. I hope it helps you too.

Well done getting out there and doing it and good luck with your concert :-)


Thanks! I think my ankle was so sore it was difficult to enjoy it, but I'll try and stay positive in next run!


firstly, well done for getting out and finishing the run. There can be all sorts of reasons for a "bad" run but if you got out there and did your best you're still ahead of not doing it at all, so perhaps we should call it a less enjoyable run (it's all about those head gremlins). I think you did very well to get out after a hectic day so celebrate that bit!

happy running for the next time

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This happens from time to time - but you did it, so draw a line under that and don't let it cloud you. You did great to finish the run. So take positive thoughts with you into week 3.

This programme is about overcoming mental and physical challenges. And I can tell you, it's just the best thing and so worth while.

Good luck with your progression - you won't regret it :) xx


Thanks folks. Will go onto week 3 on Friday and things will be less hectic!


Oh no :( a bad run can really suck.

I had a bad run on Saturday and it was really eating me up. I had a couple of days rest and went again last night with a new attitude.

It worked! I nailed it and felt on cloud 9 when I finished.

Take care and I know you'll be fine for your next run.


Oh no! It's horrible when the whole thing just doesn't feel right. I had a rubbish day yesterday as I've let my uni stuff pile up and now it's just about on top of me :( Anyway I really needed to do my w2r3. I took my son to scouts and set off only to find wk2 had disappeared from my mp3 so my only options were wk4 or wk5!!! I took wk4 as the lesser evil.. oh well - back to w3r1 tomorrow. Hope your next run is better :)


Good luck & hang in there !!


You're amazing, Moomin. I used to be a music teacher, and I know exactly what you're up against with concerts and groups and no time to eat lunch. I gave up the unequal struggle in 2001 and didn't find C25K till last year, so I never had to juggle it with someone else's timetable. I still work full-time, but can set my own time-table these days. I don't know how you do it, but I know there are others out there like you, and they do, so I'm sure you can. The rewards are worth it.

On a practical note - have you ever come across "Doctor Burts Res-Q-Remedy"? It's part of the "Burt's Bees" range and is absolutely fantastic for insect bites. You may not find it in the chemist. I get it from Fenwicks in Canterbury, but there must be other places, and failing that, there's always the web...


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