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Running after illness

Hi all,

I completed c25k around this time last year, kept up running for a while then fell by the wayside a bit! Restarted the program and am loving the challenge of reaching wk9 again!

Was due to start wk5 last week but came down with a bad cold/flu (high temp, aches and pains, awful cold and cough). Today my temp has stayed down and I am starting to get restless! Still got a bad cold though and get tired easily. I would love any suggestions of how best to restart running to get me going again asap without over doing it!



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wait till your cold has gone and you are not getting tired so easily, then go out and run. Simples.


That's pretty much what I was going to say. Wait until you're fully recovered otherwise you'll just run sloppy and strain something or be forced to give up early which will make you feel bad.

When you're better just start from Wk 5 again and you'll be just fine :)

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Wait until you are recovered before you run, but do some walking in the meantime so you dont get too stir crazy.


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