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Dawn French body double

Well that's it, 41 and decided need to do something about my shape which is well....very round. Cut a long story short loads of medical stuff, loads of treatment and now loads of weit. Just spent a fortune in running gear as normal tight so if that doesn't push me to do it God knows what will!!! Day one.. Activity chart filled out, apps downloaded..all I need to do is get the motivation .. Dawn French to Kate moss in 12 weeks...well night quite but half of me would be good 🏃

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Woah there! Great motivational tone, but careful does it... I hope the c25k does help you lose some lbs - but you also mention 12 weeks - are you doing the nhs weight loss plan at the same time? Go you! I hoped to lose weight by doing c25k alone and it hasn't really shifted anything, although for sure it's helped me in other ways (fitter, more muscle, stamina etc.)

One word of advice about the c25k app - there is a better option in the podcast -

Let us know how you get on, one run at a time, easy does it :)

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Good luck!


Well done you! I did my first run this eve, so have just started as well. I hope it goes well for you - I'm sure it will as you seem very committed 😊


Good luck! You can do it!!!! Slow and steady though.


Pouring with rain today so did 2.5 miles on cross trainer instead while watching my iPad, sticking to 1400 calories with a treat allowed sat night.. Hope this fad lasts lol as I have been full of them!!!!!


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