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Colour me happy

Today I did my first race, a colour me happy fun run in aid of the local hospice. What a fun experience, jogging along in the sunshine with people throwing coloured paint at you 😄 I am glad I wore my old trainers and bottoms as I was covered from head to toe.

Now due to catching this horrid virus that has been going around I have only just completed week 7, and was wondering would I be pushing my luck to hope to complete a 10k the first weekend in may? I know it is more of a mental challenge than a physical one for me but I was hoping that in a race environment it would pull me through. Am I mad?

Well I'm looking forward to my longer runs this week and graduating in 2 weeks time!

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Those colour runs sound great fun! Well done on completing your 1st race !If you stick withthe plan, and run steady I dont see why you shouldn't get round your 10k, you're right that the challenge is in your head too, and there are plenty of people that run/walk..... good luck!


Thanks I'm trying to talk my friend into doing it with me so that way the head thing will be sorted!


Well done, I'd love to do one of those! No pics?

Yes, as Ali says if you stick with a plan you should be at 10K by May xx


I have some pics but I look like I have jaundice as I am bright yellow!!!! Trust me it is not a good look 😉


You can always walk/run intervals, so yes, the 10k should be fine. Enjoy it!


Thank you I am starting to look forward to it already x


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