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Sabateour or sabotaged

I along with a friend have been running for 6 weeks (3 runs each week) we have steadily built it up to running for 5 mins and 1 min walk covering 1.5 miles at a PB of 27 minutes :)

We have both signed up for our first 5K race and are really looking forward to it even if we are a bit apprehensive and scared as to whether we can do it or not.

We are tryiong to turn our negativity around and trying to think much more positively but slow going. This is where we feel we may sabotage ourselves and agree that as long as we are aware that we are doing that but still keeping pushing ourseleves we will surprises ourselves and finish that run no bother.

I have got a group of friends together who will be supporting us on the big day but I am disappointed by one individual who I feel is putting me down :( rather than encouraging me I feel that she is putting little obstacles in my way to put me off and doubt my ability further. She has said that she has walked a 5K in 38 mins (she does not do running) and has suggested that i beat her time. I am just happy finishing the race and did not want to put myself under any pressure as to finish it in a certain time limit. Now in the bakc of my mind I have that time limit I feel I need to beat now. :(

Some people just do more harm than good. had it not been for my running buddy I could have quite easily have given it up.

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Hey - chin up girl. Friends can be so disappointing can't they, don't let her steal your sense of wonder of what you have achieved or going to achieve.


No never give up, your other 'friend' is just jealous.


I agree with Burstcouch, they are just jealous because you are doing something that they can't. Keep going, ignore them, and finish the race at your own pace. You will do it.


I can undestand both sides of this. I'm a power walker who has just taken up running and I have found it sooo frustrating that for a few weeks I was running slower than I could walk. Your friend does not understand the differences between jogging and walking and she was probably just proud of the fact that she can walk 5k in 38 mins (my PB for a 5k walk is 39.55)

Please keep to whatever pace you feel comfortable with and be comfortable in the fact that it is FAR harder to run/jog 5k than to power walk it :)

All the best for the race x.


Guy's thank you for all the supporting comments. I think I just needed to get it out of my system I guess. I will stick with this space. Hopefully I will be blogging more positive stories on here soon.


Why don't you challenge her back? If she can run the 5K as fast as she can walk it you will too? As someone who runs slower than she walks I know for a fact I couldn't do it right now.


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