Week 7, run 2, still tough but plodding through

It was a very cold start again today and it was also tough again. There were some points where my body involuntarily tried to stop running and I had to really mentally override it. There were also points where I realised I had run for a couple of minutes with just my thoughts, with much less trouble, so hopefully that's where I'll get to eventually for the whole of the run. 25 minutes just feels like such a long amount of time, especially if it's going to feel so tough for so much of it. I'm making sure to keep it slow, doing all my stretches, getting to bed early (ish) the night before, but I'm not feeling the improvement yet in the same way I have over the past few weeks. Just got to keep pushing through I guess. On a plus note - out on my bike again today for another 20 mile round trip into town for study/work stuff - which I know will be much more enjoyable :)


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  • Ruth I totally know what you mean. I even missed the gorgeous house I normally drool over this morning as my mind was on other things. I'm sure if we could run like that and just zone out our bodies would go a lot further. We need to practice some hypnosis or something don't you think. Glad you'll get a nice ride out later. I'm loving my bike too at the moment , till it either breaks me or I break it! Enjoy the sun if you have any over there!

  • Thanks sparky I definitely feel like I'm training my brain rather than my body at the moment. I do remember enjoying daffodils at one point, and a little line of cute purple crocuses, but I was mostly so focused on just keeping going to really enjoy my surroundings.

  • My sis made a 'songs of your life' mp3 thing for my big birthday last week, and one of the tracks was Cistercian monks chanting (don't laugh, I used to be a deep and moody teenager). I was listening to it and thinking it might be good to listen to when running for 'zoning out' to. I may give it a go. Of course, it might just send me to sleep ...

  • I think sometimes part of the battle is a mental thing. Fight or flight mode kicks in. Well done for finishing the whole time. Sometimes time does seem to drag.

    I find that it helps as well if I have been well hydrated throughout the day, so I aim to drink a litre of water or squash in the afternoon before my evening run.

  • Did my W7R2 today too and the battle was there. My mind was screaming to stop, but I went on and kept going, but had to stop for 30 seconds at 20 minutes (first time in a long time - I do have asthma) but determined as always I started up again and kept moving. I even went and ran the extra 30 seconds to get me a complete 25 minute run afterwards. This was the first time in the whole of this process that I had to stop during one of the podcasts, but I think that now that I have had time to recover and review, its making me more determined to get to the end.

  • I did the wk7r2 today and struggled for the same reasons. I thought it would get easier but I find some random days tougher than others.

  • Yeah maybe it's just random... certainly shows how much determination you need anyway. Feeling much less defeated after loads of cycling today. I have no problem cycling. Just running!... but planning to fix that :) Thanks for everyone's helpful advice/shares :)

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