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Post Grad run with 5K+ podcast

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My first run without Michael 😔 and least amount of clothing since I started the programme!

Turns out Laura is a beast and I’ve been properly coasting. Couldn’t even keep up with the walking pace to start with, needed to shorten my stride to keep time!

Ended up at a right ole clip, a red face and fly in my eye. Very different stats to my icy graduation run - increase from 136bpm to 148bmp and an increased average pace in the 6s as opposed to the 7s. I was definitely being cautious/slacking 🤨

It was tough but probably what I needed, lots of advice on form, pace etc - I look forward to trying the stamina and speed podcasts - but not just yet, bit of recovery and consolidation required 😅

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Gosh that is interesting and here is me thinking I was doing great. Just as well he lives in the USA, he does not even know what a P45 is.Looking forward to meeting Laura.No wonder I am only doing 2-3 km/hr pace?He is not even there half the time, Just talks a good game , change days ,and you say he is even gotten grey. Ha,Ha.Happy days.Thanks for that.

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ebcroquet in reply to Tbae

Yeah brace yourself for Laura and her 1, 2, 3, 4s keep up the pace, don’t clench your fists, lift up your heels, stand upright, relax your shoulders, pump your arms - jeez 😬

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Tbae in reply to ebcroquet

At least dear old Michael puts you right on no tension, no clench fists, relax your shoulders, stand upright, so that is 3 that are transferable.Not knowing this, info from you, but I made an unwitting guess at No Freebies for Newbies, and the Newbie Boot Camp. ha ha.

Well done on that Stepping stones podcast ebcroquet...its one of my favourites. Yes great coaching from Laura and new tips to help you along..

Happy running 😊x finish in style😉

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😂Laura definitely takes no prisoners on the C25k+ podcasts - but I do love them. They're a bit of a security blanket for me whenever I feel like I'm losing confidence and they've definitely helped with my pace.

You'll soon be keeping up no problem - but enjoy some leisurely runs too - you've earned them after graduation.

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ebcroquet in reply to DebJogsOn

You’re right definitely a good way to work on pace - first Parks Run this week 🤞

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DebJogsOnGraduate in reply to ebcroquet

Good luck!

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Well done! I'm old-school so only know Laura, but she, Stepping Stones and Stamina got me through my HM last year so keep up the good work :)

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ebcroquet in reply to Anniemurph

Different in some ways but still good, although the music might get to me in the end!

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