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"Listen to your body, but dont let your mind make you lazy"

Those are the wise words spoken by sainte Laura every time I run with C25K+ stamina :)

I postponed my run by more than a day for the first time since I started C25K back in Sept.

Friday I felt headachy and sick, and so didnt feel like running. For the first time, I didnt run over the weekend. Monday, still a bit of a headache, and a bit queezy. But decided to run Monday evening anyway and just see how it went (if it didnt feel good then I could always come back home).

As it turned out, after about 15 minutes of running I was feeling quite good, and 1 hour and 1 minute later, I had covered 10km and the headache had gone :)

I have to take more notice of Laura because ....

"the feeling you get from challenging yourself and winning, is so worth it" :D

thankyou sainte Laura ;)

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Brilliant. I had heard excercise can get rid of a headache now I know it's true. Well done.


I think we nearly always feel better after a run. I can't think of a time when I ever felt worse.

Well apart from that time I crocked my ankle but I've filed that one in the dustbin of my mind.

Well done Zev. 10 k! Wowsers. 10 k is a fab distance. Here's to you running many more. 10 k races are great fun (usually!) LOL


Thanks MW. I do 14km at the weekend normally. I'm trying to get up to 16km eventually (it seems a long way off at the moment), because they do a 10mile race around Draycote Water each year, and I'd like to do it next year. My home in the UK is in Rugby, which is close to Draycote Water. I live most of the time in France, on the north bank of the Loire, near Blois.


well done you that's a great time too ...we all have a huge crush on Laura :)


Zev if you can do 14 k then you can do 16 kms. You could make it your aim to do the 10 miler this year. My first ever race was a 10 mile one. I didn't do the full thing til race day though

Lucky you, living in the Loire. Sounds lovely!


Yes it is lovely, and yes I do feel very lucky to live here. Nice to be able to run along it's banks :)


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