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Listen to your body not your tech!!

Went off for an early (ahem! 7.31 out of the door is early for me) run. A lovely sunny morning. Thought I could get used to this. Thought I could out run a stiff calf. Let Garmin, the small god of running, get to me and had to pull up at 15 mins when my muscle twanged. Had settled down by the time I got home and I'm icing it as we speak. I might even be grown up and have two days rest. (trust me, I'm not going out again until it's better!).

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Uh oh Pollyp - that sounds like me. See my post from earlier this week with lots of good advice from folk.

I'm afraid it sounds like a minor tear and we both might be out of things for about 3 weeks to stop doing further damage.


Thanks for the feedback. I feel your pain! I will toddle off and have a look at the responses (other than mine, which bought nothing to the table!). We'll just have to keep each other company! I'm kidding myself that I'll be alright in a day or two at the moment but I won't be going out again until it's right: this is for life, not just for Christmas after all! Heal well.


Morning I did something similar about two years ago when out running tried to be clever by passing a woman walking her dog and my right calf pulled quite spectacularly ended up walking home treated it with some ice spray and a tubigrip bandage it took about a week but cleared up nicely


Morning, M.o.K. It's reassuring to hear that. I've been resting my calf on an ice pack but I might investigate ice spray later. I'm determined to be sensible (unlike earlier when I let garmin get to me!!) about this and look forward to getting back out.


Poor you. Hope it settles quickly

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Thank-you... pride comes before a fall and all that. But I am determined to be sensible!


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