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Week3 only just completed and I've already started to worry about that short 3rd run in week 5!

I'm a returning graduate who put away my running shoes for a few years! I've just got through the first few weeks reasonably OK but have made the mistake of looking forward in the programme and have come across the dreaded wk5 run 3 which I had totally forgotten about. I even dreamt about it last night! Is it as bad as I remember or is my memory playing tricks on me? I guess I should try to forget it and always just focus on the next run but it's easier said than done. ONE RUN AT A TIME. Who knows, I might fall flat on my face and never get to week 5! Lol

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You can do it, you've done it before and you'll do it again...


Hi, I completed week 3 on Saturday and also made the mistake of looking ahead!

As you say... run by run.

You can do it :)


Positive thinking, You've done it before so you can do it again! Trust in the program, Laura will help you through this and when you look at it in time length it's one of the shortest at only 25 mins. I've got my fingers crossed it won't be that bad as will be coming up for me next week. If you've been doing well on the last few weeks it should be a breeze for you. Stay positive, don't worry till it comes round and best of luck :-)


I did the dreaded run this morning & it wasn't nearly as bad as I'd feared. Hard work yes but definately doable especially knowing you've managd it before.

Jut focus on one week at a time & you'll get through it no probs. Good luck! ☺


Thank you all, and well done Noaky12. It's definately about one run at a time. Completed W4R1 this morning and didn't fall flat on my face!


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