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Week 7 completed!

Well, that's another milestone achieved! I got up early, went out in the drizzle and did my third run of week 7. A number of PBs, too - fastest km (though it's still comparatively slow at 6:54), best average pace (again, not brilliant at 7:24), best distance at 3.62km.

What's more, although the outside of my left thigh is a little achy, my legs don't feel too bad.

Six more runs to go - roll on week 8!

My run -

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Well done on your PB's! :)

I've just completed W7R1 so you're a bit ahead of me.

I need to learn how to connect my Garmin watch to the computer. (I love stats and at the moment just keep the data on the watch!)


Work it out quickly, or you'll lose data - the Garmin only has limited storage, and when it fills it starts to overwrite the oldest records. It's very easy - give me a message if you want some help.


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