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Week 7 Run 3 complete.

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Well after the awful winter weather we have been having here in North East Scotland. I managed to complete my run 3 today in the sunshine!!! 

All going well and looking forward to week 8 on Monday.

Lost a few inches too :) looks like the husband is going to have to get his wallet out, feel the new wardrobe coming along nicely if I keep this up.

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Yes! Wonderful... (the snow is here now in Staffs Moorlands.. thanks for sending it down :) )

Well done on completing this week... and definitely treat time... ! Cannot look a mess in clothes which are too large! :)

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Tilly48Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Sorry about sending the snow, but we have had enough of it and thought it would be nice to send it further south for a change lol. Thank you, feeling very proud of myself. Treat time, i'm watching what I eat too!! Maybe a nice slice of victoria sandwich would go down a treat.....homemade of course. My thoughts exactly regarding the clothes. thanks Oldfloss:)

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Tilly48

Cake sounds yummy.... and thanks for the weather...

You should feel proud...Onwards and upwards... :)

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Well done - not far off graduation now!

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Tilly48Graduate in reply to Ullyrunner

So excited about graduation,  especially for someone who didn't really exercise before. 

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well done, graduation not far away ! Where about in NE Scotland are you? I'm Perthshire but Perth/Angus/Dundee border

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Tilly48Graduate in reply to heavyhorse

I'm in Aberdeenshire heavy horse.  Thanks 

Well done, Tilly48. Copenhagen is right behind Aberdeenshire. I'll be doing that run Monday. Just like you, I can't believe how close graduation is now. Let's do it!🏃🏃🏃

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Tilly48Graduate in reply to PippiRuns

Best of luck with your Week 8 next week. 

poppypug profile image

Fantastic ! Well done Tilly :-)

A new wardrobe sounds just the ticket xxx

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Tilly48Graduate in reply to poppypug

Thanks.  I think i should be rewarded for my efforts.  Retail therapy does you the world of good,  not sure the hubby will agree though ha ha .

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I think you should be rewarded too Tilly, we will have a word with your hubby if needs be . Ha ha :-) xxx

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Tilly48Graduate in reply to poppypug

He's been doing it with me so he will probably need a new wardrobe too. 

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Well done on the running and inch loss front - I'm one run behind you (hopefully will be able to go out tonight) and have noticed my clothes feeling looser :) 

Redbillie21 profile image

Well done ✅

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