Beautiful run

I've found a route which is pretty flat which takes me to a church in a tiny village. I have heard the bells ring from the church in the past. Didn't know where it was.

It's all on my door step but I just did not know. It's pretty well exactly 5k.

I still need to explore some other routes. So funny what you get to see that you didn't know was right under your nose when you run.


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26 Replies

  • Sounds lovely! This running introduces us to all sorts of new experiences doesn't it!

  • Yes it does. i was surprised to on how close this village was to me too.

  • Oooh that sounds lovely. I need to explore more too!!!

  • I've taken a look on street map, but a little unsure whether I can run on one path or not. Oh yes it's lovely to find somewhere that takes your breath away. I must post some pictures.

  • Ohhh, that sounds really lovely - what a fabulous experience it must have been - glorious weather, wonderful views, lovely Spring.

  • Yes I'm looking forward to going again. Minutes away from busy roads to.

  • Yes running is great for really seeing what is around you. I find that I'm much more aware of the passing seasons too

  • We have lots of daffodils bulbs planted by us. They will be opening soon.

  • I have a much better appreciation of my immediate environment since I started running, not only finding new places but seeing them at different times of day and year, as Zev says above.

  • I'm looking forward to this now. I think I might be nosey to see what Mr Farmer is sowing in the fields. I haven't been running too long so this is something to look forward to. I hope it's going to be a nice summer.

  • I can imagine the scene, a small ancient country church,with gravestones that have tumbled down over the passing years, sweet spring grass and daffodils , birds singing, sun shinning, blue sky with fluffy white clouds and the sound of the bells calling people to worship, it sounds idyllic, and what a place to run to in my minds eye!!!!

  • The bell just tolled as I ran up to it too. You forgot the yew tree. 😊

  • i agree completely. i ran for a year in the Luxembourg gardens in Paris, and only then branched out and have now discovered the banks of the Seine (going past the Musee d'Orsay and up to the Eiffel Tower) and the Montsouris Park (whilst beautiful it has a killer of a hill!). Off to discover the Bois de Boulogne this weekend and the new LVMH Foundation building. What with spring well on the way, running is an ideal sport for sightseeing whilst keeping fit at the same time. Keep discovering!

  • Bet you didn't expect the hill was so steep until you had to run it. It's is a wonderful way to see thinks. I used to cycle quite a bit but got nervous about how close cars were getting to me. Now I'm trying to find those hidden gems. 💎

  • That sound so nice. I need to explore a bit more. I always run in the same park, but I'm only just over a mile from the sea and I haven't done a seafront run yet!

  • oh my god, i am so green with envy, i would love to run by the seashore!!!!

    the sound of the waves, the seagulls and the smell of the briny ocean i would just love that, especially early in the morning before it gets busy.

    Go for it and let us know how you get on.

  • Me too , It is my dream to live by the sea ..... SIGH !!!! :-) xxx

  • I will soon, but I can see the park from my house and I'm always tight on time between school runs and starting work, but a seafront run is near the top of my to-do list! Sorry for making you all jealous :D

  • Oh that sounds so lovely to be able to run along a seafront. I just went off the beaten track a little bit.

  • How was the run at work in the lunchtime. Did work get finnished then afterwards double quick, because you were filled with energy.

  • I felt good for it, but I was a bit tight for time with everything I had to get done afterwards, so probably shouldn't do that too often. Nice to be able to do that sometimes, though. I think I might be a bit better in the afternoons than the mornings.

  • 😀

  • I know exactly what you mean, I have discovered places near me I had no idea existed!!

  • I know it's just great to see it at last. Fields are being ploughed now too.

  • I loved reading this. It is what it is all about for me too. Bum shrinks, mind expands, result.

  • Totally agree, I'm am seeing shrinkage on my bum. There are some stunning spots to see around here in shropshire.

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