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W9R3 - I Did It, I Graduated!!


I still can't quite believe it, but yes I graduated this evening! I am so happy & feel such a great sense of satisfaction and achievement. I really am on cloud nine at the moment.

I have come such a long way since I started this on 11th June 2013. I was overweight, unfit, had high blood pressure, sore knees and on top of all that the depression I have fought for many years was starting to rear its ugly head again.

From somewhere inside myself I managed to find the motivation to start C25K, and can honestly say I have thoroughly enjoyed making my way through it week by week. I've listened to my body, gone all the way through at an easy pace, and usually left two days between runs, so it has taken me more than nine weeks to complete.

Completing C25K today is all the more satisfying because I tried and failed a year ago. I got as far as finishing W5 then I twisted my right knee and couldn't run for a while. I never found the motivation to get back to it, so I am so happy that this time I've seen it through and successfully completed it.

Doing C25K has had such positive results for me - since I started I have lost quite a bit of weight, I am much fitter and my stamina has improved, my blood pressure is down to almost normal, my knees no longer hurt, and the depression has vanished. I have also discovered a toughness within myself that I didn't know I had, battling through tough runs and refusing to give up until I got to the end.

Thanks to everyone on this forum who has encouraged and supported me - you lot are utterly awesome, it's been wonderful sharing your stories and I couldn't have done this without you all.

So now on to the next thing - I'll be back out there on Wednesday for my first post-graduation run!

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Well done I've been waiting for this post. Congratulations! It's fantastic! Really fantastic!

ScipioGraduate in reply to waletta

Thank you waletta, thanks for all your support x

That's fantastic...well done....very motivational.

ScipioGraduate in reply to Tessababy



whoop whoop - so well done. Don't let go of the running now - I too run for lots of reasons - but one of them is my wellbeing - so keep at it.


ScipioGraduate in reply to suzybenj

Thank you! The increase in my well being will keep me going I think.

Top banana!! Many, many congratulations - well done you! What an inspiration. Best wishes for the future.

ScipioGraduate in reply to Bristol_plodder

Thanks so much - good luck to you for W2 and beyond!


So brilliant to hear this - not just that you have graduated, which in itself is an awesome achievement, but to see how much you have got from your running so far. Long may it continue :)

ScipioGraduate in reply to sofaqueen

Thanks sofaqueen, I am loving my running!

sofaqueenGraduate in reply to Scipio

Fantastic, that's what it's all about. Despite needing to lose weight, the reason I started running was that I realised I needed to do something for me. I have suffered from depression for a long time now and have found that running has really helped to improve my mood. I still haven't lost any weight, but my mental health is definitely much better since starting this and it's great to hear that you've had the same improvements.

ScipioGraduate in reply to sofaqueen

Yes, I feel the same. The mental health benefits are amazing. I love the "feel good" effect after a run and it helps to lift my mood overall. I am also sleeping much better and am probably a much nicer person to be around!

sofaqueenGraduate in reply to Scipio

Yep, can identify with all of that!


HOORAY!!!!! Congratulations and very well done Scip I am absolutely delighted for you Enjoy those very well deserved happy feelings on cloud 9 and then after a few days rest please stay hot on my heels and begin Wk 10 The pressure is off and the the runs feel easier and far more enjoyable Now go get your badge and let it shine. xxx

ScipioGraduate in reply to Mazzero

Hi Mazzero, thanks a million! I'll be out again for W10 soon. I've applied for my badge and I'm now enjoying a lovely cold beer x

Congratulations - a big pat on the back to you!! Linda

ScipioGraduate in reply to ancientrunner

Thanks Linda!

Woo hoo !!!!! Massive congratulations young Scipio ! What a fab post too....you are an inspiration :) You've worked hard and you thoroughly deserve this.

You too have given support to the rest of us along the way ,so enjoy those good feelings now and all of those " running highs" to come x

ScipioGraduate in reply to Carolecal

Hi Carole! Thanks for all that & for all your witty encouragement along the way! I'm especially liking the "young" Scipio description!! Happy running xx


Really well done Scipio, your an inspiration with all you have battled with. So happy for you that you have achieved so much. Onward and upward now then!

ScipioGraduate in reply to NaughtyNanna

Yep, onwards & upwards indeed! Thank you NaughtyNanna!


If anyone around here is awesome it is you, Scipio. What a brilliant and inspiring post. Many congratulations.

ScipioGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Aw thank you, Iannoda!


Congratulations Scipio! I'm right behind you, graduate run tomorrow night.

ScipioGraduate in reply to Be11adonna

Thanks Be11adonna - good luck for tomorrow night & look forward to reading your graduation post.


Congratulations on achieving graduation, it feels fantastic doesn't it and such a blessing all the other side effects :-)

ScipioGraduate in reply to Phil72

Thanks so much, Phil. I'm still high as a kite 24 hours later.

Well Done Scipio!!! Congratulations, and doesn't your shiny badge look splendid??!!

ScipioGraduate in reply to muzikalbadger

Thanks muzikalbadger, I am loving my shiny badge. I keep logging on just to look at it!


Congratulations! Fab post, what an achievement for you - I have also found running keeps my mental health in check, I've had anxiety attacks in the past and low self worth and had PND after my daughter was born - running has definitely helped keep my negative mental thoughts at bay! It's amazing the benefits you experience !

Keep going, bask in the glory of your achievement, and look forward to your first run as a 'Graduate'

ScipioGraduate in reply to Feefbev

Thanks Feefbev. Running is fab for making you feel good isn't it? I also had PND after my third son was born, and I wish I'd known then how good running can make you feel - I might've started many years earlier. I am really excited about my first post-graduation run, can't wait!


If only I'd found this many years ago!!!!!!!!!!! I think many of us would say that! zz


That was meant to be a couple of affectionate kisses (xx) not some zz's !!!!!!!!!

ScipioGraduate in reply to Feefbev

Ha ha!


Well done Scipio, I am so very pleased your Graduation Run went well, fingers and toes crossed for you for your first post grad run tomorrow, p.s the shiny badge looks fantastic :-)

ScipioGraduate in reply to tor41

Thanks tor, I'm loving the shiny badge! I did my post grad run last night & it was awesome - will do a proper blog post later x


Well done Scipio, it must be a great feeling, I am hot on your heels (Week 8 run 3 next) and hoping that I make it. x

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