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week 2/ run 1 completed!

Hello everyone again!

This morning I took our dog for his walk (2 miles) and half way my left calf started to tighten up! I said out loud "I don't think I will be able to give week 2 a go today".... well it got to 5.30 and I plugged in my treadmill, setup my iPad and pressed start, set the walking pace to 2.5mph and the running pace to 3.7mph. at about the 10 min mark, both my calf's started to tighten up, but I pushed on and said to my self, don't be lazy you can finish this!

I did finish, my distance was 1.39 miles, pulse rate stated 143, incline set to 1. I think I will leave two days between each run to give my legs a chance to recover.


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update on my calf's, after 15 mins the pain had gone. I think it may be lactic acid build up?




Yes, recovery is every bit as important as the running, theres no shame there. I find that taking my dog for a longish, slow walk the day after a run is quite beneficial. Don't forget the importance of warming up, that will help. Gentle stretches are OK but never stretch cold muscles too far. Warming down after the run is pretty much mandatory in my view. You're nice and warm at that point and you will benefit from stretching, even though the temptation to flop out on the couch is great!

Is the treadmill your thing, or have you considered venturing outside?


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