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WK8 run1

Evening fellow C25K-ers :-)

Ran for 28 minutes tonight :-) It was hard going but I put that down to a) having nothing but an apple and a banana for lunch (had to leave work early to take no 1 daughter to orthodontist) which left me AND my legs a little lacking in energy and b) my extra 3 minutes were tagged onto the end of a 25 minute run... Maybe I Should try and fool my body into thinking that the extra 3 minutes are at the start next time ;-)

Seriously, though, not at all disappointed and still elated that I can actually go out and run these durations! Love C25K

Hope everybody is enjoying their runs :-)

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Well done, Potty. You're nearly there! Someone on here said to me about how your body just somehow seems to cope if you're mentally prepared for going further than you actually are, if that makes sense, and that's worked for me, strangely. I don't know how these funny little mind games work but they do seem to!


Hi Gludwig, thanks :-) I find it's only really hard work when I'm listening out for Laura to tell me my time's nearly up, if I've got a distance marker to aim for it's a lot easier. I'm really excited - 5 runs to go! :-)


Great stuff Potty!!That badge is almost yours😊😊😊😊


Thanks Pot! 5 runs - immensely excited :-)


well done. Not long now. I did my week 8 run 1 last night :) . After running 33 minutes on Friday I thought this would be a walk in the park. I was undecided when to stop - whether to stop at 28 minutes or to carry on. I had to change my route slightly as I literally run out of road last week :). When I got to 28 minutes I decided to stop. Pleased with myself that I had done what was asked of me but a little disappointed I couldn't carry on. Monday is always my worst run though so I am chilled about it. :) . Roll on Wednesday


Oh. I forgot. I wanted to ask you how you do your Park Runs. Do you do the 5 min warm up walk prior to the start and then run for the 28 minutes and then what? or do you just go for it? I am undecided whether to start the park runs yet or whether to wait. :)


Hi Princess Stef :-) Monday's are usually my best run - never understood why, but I think yesterday I was hungry!

The first Park Run, I did my warm up 5 minutes as the first 5 minutes of the run - felt odd walking whilst everybody else jogged off, but I didn't seem to get too far behind and caught up with the slower runners when I started my jog. Last week I tried doing my warm up walk before starting - I wanted to run with everybody else and see how far I could get - but the whole race was faster! I think 'keeping up' with the 'slower' runners this week was what wore me out by the end of my 25 mins but I think it's also what helped me take 2 mins 41 seconds off my first race time!

I'm undecided myself how to tackle it this week - I definitely feel better when the 5 mins leads directly into the run - plus, I know the route now - but I want to see what I can do... Might try to make my 5 minutes closer to start time then jog off with the rest of the field...

Are you going to give it a go on Saturday? It feels REALLY good when you get to the end and get your time come through - even if you're slow, like me!


thanks. I am still toying with it. I am not sure I am ready to run with other people. I am going to enter a charity run so this will make me run with people. Good luck for this week :)


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