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A 10 km birthday gift

A 10 km birthday gift

Good morning each and everyone

well first of all I am sorry to post this so late ... Let's get topic first

It was 6th march and I had planned that I want to gift myself one of the best gifts to myself . after thinking a bit I found out that the best gift would be to give my self the first ever RUN OF 10 KM

and I did that

On my birthday I ran for the first ever 10 km of life with the time of 1:11:24


This was the second proud moment after the graduation run

I am sure many made to co!e like this

By then

Keep going

Keep running

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well done! happy belated birthday :) that is a great time too!

happy running :)


Well done VP, and a very happy birthday!


Congratulations... great 10k there and birthday wishes to you :-)


fantastic achievement. Well done and happy belated birthday!


Happy birthday, great time too! No stopping you now...


Well done Virani ! Hope you had a lovely Birthday ! :-) xxx


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