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Aim to run more 10 Km distances

I have been averaging a distance 6.5 Km on my three weekly runs and at the end of last year started posting a series of PB's for the 5 Km distance which I am putting down to my stamina improving. I have only run 10 Km once before over a year ago but have run a few 8 Km so this week decided to run another 10 Km. So on Monday I ran 9 Km and yesterday (Wednesday) I ran 10.13 Km beating my PB for the 10 Km by running it in 61 m 25 s. What is more I didn't feel to tired and no aches and pains today. One of my aims for this year will now be to run more 10 Km distances not every run but make sure I do one at least once a month maybe twice a month who knows. I use Google maps to look for different roads/paths/parks to run round in my area so as to not get too bored with running the same routes. Even running the same route but in the opposite direction helps to mentally keep running.

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Ah what a lovely, positive post!

10ks are the bees knees aren't they. I love em. Worth putting your togs on for in this cold, windy annoying weather. I think if you have to don more layers than Nanook of the North you might as well make the most of it and do a goodly distance before having to peel the whole lot off again.

I love a new route and am always on the look out for them. I use Goodrunningguide as it goes off-road and shoes more of the footpaths than Google does. You can plan off-road trails too which I couldn't do on Google.

Happy running!

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Thanks misswobble yes plenty of layers needed this time of year. I will take a look at the goodrunningguide to see what it can offer in my neck of the woods.

Reply are doing just fab :)


Yup 10k is the dogs danglies well done :D very positive :D Am slowly working up to 10K myself after saying nah 5k is plenty far enough :)


Great to hear slow_rob that you have the goal of 10 k's as well its good how thus running lark gets into your soul


Hi ExW You don't need to register for GRG. You click on "Find" for the area you want to search for. You might have to click on the screen again for another box to come up on the upper left part of the screen and another box comes up for you to search for your favoured location. At first it seems as if it won't let you search but it will if you click again

Good luck with it


I'm hoping to get to 10k. I have been trying to gradually build up to it & I got to 8.5k but I seem to be in a bit of a slump just niw. Reading positive posts like yours gives me hope that I'll get there eventually


Good luck Sharonb9999 on your quest for 10 K I find it best not to focus or become obsessed about these targets I just enjoy running and find the targets then come to me when I least expect it.


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