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do I really need to knock 2 minutes off my km pace?

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Hi all

So after crunching the umbers after my first 5k last week I've suddenly realised that 8 minute km pace is not going to cut it if I want to be doing a 5km in 30mins

But is it really 6mins km pace for a 5k? well of course it is, I'm ok at maths, I know it's true, but it feels so far away from acheivable that my mind is struggling to comprehend it.

my best km so far is about 7:37 and that nearly killed me, and my average on a run is like i said about 8mins

I understand I'm at a very early stage in my post grad running career, but I do really want to improve.

Any tips on how to increase average speed would be very welcome

5 Replies
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So one tip that I've heard is to start C25K again! but this time, when you're told to run you run at your fastest pace, when you're told to walk you jog at a normal pace. This should help you build up your pace, increase your stamina and get those splits down to something more reasonable! :)

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chrisallen76Graduate in reply to Warb81

Mmm.. very interesting. I quite like the idea of going back to the app again

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As warb81 said. Intervals/fartleks/tempo runs etc really do increase your overall speed. I watched mine come right down after doing them twice a week. It’s tough but well worth it if that is your goal but warm up properly before starting them. Plenty of info on t’internet regarding this. Good luck with getting to your goal pace. It’s nice to have a target.

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My tip would be not to worry about it. Just enjoy the runs. You will gradually see your time improve if you run more, and you will run more if you enjoy it.

30 mins is an arbitrary goal and some find it easy, others not.

What I did do once I hit 5k was stop doing 30 min runs and depressing myself how far I was off 5k. I did 4k and 5k runs, regardless of time.

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I'm at 9 min a km. Yes if you want to run 5k in 30 mins you need to be faster! 6 mins a km. That is just too far away for me to even consider. I honestly don't think I'd even enjoy running at that pace! I like to look around as I run, enjoy the surroundings! So for me it will be 5k in about 40 to 45 mins. And I will be so happy and proud! It depends why you are running and what you want to achieve. 😎

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