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5 miles (8.05 km) - 44:25 - Mind over body to keep going

Hi all!

5 miles today and boy was it a hard one. As soon as I started running the legs felt stiff and heavy. I aimed to get an average pace of 5:30 km/min and was able to do so for the first 2 km without too much difficulty but then the body got a bit heavier. I was stubborn and decided that I would keep to an average pace of 5:30 but I had to really push myself to keep going, I felt like slowing down or stopping on a few occasions but I don't like starting something and not finishing so I kept on pushing.

You can see by the link below that I was fairly consistent with my pace and slowed down slightly in the last few km's, but it was a big effort to keep that up so I am happy. My average pace by the end was 5:31 km/min and I hope all of you will forgive the extra second!

Now for a shower and dinner.

Here is a link to the run:


PS - As some of you know may remember a few family members started C25K after I espoused its benefits and my Dad began is and is making good progress. He found a C25K app that is ever so slightly different to the NHS version and this morning he ran for 22 minutes straight at an average pace of 6:45! I'll be taking him down to Barking Parkrun soon! He isn't a blogger so don't expect to see him here soon but this just re-inforces to me how good a program this is.

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Wow aftabs I cant believe how many of your family you have got running ! Mine all still cant believe I can run and if they see me out and about running always hoot their horns at me ha ha good to read training still going well and be careful about parkrun give your dad a few weeks and he might beat you hehe kate x


Thanks Kate. It's great that your family are supportive. Mine even more supportive now that a few of them are C25Kers too. My dad has asked me to buy him a C25K graduation shirt too!


Well done, Speedy :-) You should feel so proud, for your own achievements and for inspiring your family.




Just noticed your name is an anagram of Baftas. Maybe we should host some awards at the end of the year.

Furthest distance run without a toilet break

Quickest time without having a dog on your tail

Or my personal favourite

Best live blogging whilst running a half-marathon (Malcy)


Post that in the questions section and I'm sure we will get lots of suggestions!


A man of my word I have indeed - now headlining in the questions section.

Let the nominations commence !


I think that going to be a popular post!


Brilliant as always Aftab and so great that you have got your dad off the couch too! A happy, healthy family running together, what more can you ask for and a great example to others! :)



Thanks, I just ordered a C25K graduation shirt for him, it'll be a present for when he graduates!


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