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Early morning running

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Okay, so I am a complete beginner, I have just got in the house from my wk1, run1!! Apart from being a bit out of breath, i feel really good about it! 😊

Running early is probably going to have to be my thing, but what do I do about eating?

Do I eat before I go? If so, what? (Also, i can't eat banana's)

I didn't eat this morning as I know running on a full stomach can give you cramp & I didn't want to scare myself away first time out.

Thank you

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Definitely eat after as before you’ll get a cramp for sure.

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Well done on being an early bird runner and starting the programme.

There are experts who say you must be hydrated the day before your run. As well as a light snack like a banana/apple before and after. I would at least have some fuel to run on, rather than empty as you will require it. You will see as the runs get longer, there is more demand placed on your body.

Enjoy running.πŸ™‚

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to MVBrown

Good hydration every single day.. the day before or run day is just not enough :)

Congratulations on your first & hardest run πŸ‘πŸ‘. I only eat when l get back from a run. I make sure that l drink water before l go though. I’m sure the more experienced runners will be able to direct you in the right direction. Take things nice & easy. Snails pace is the general rule. πŸ‘πŸ»

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Oldlady57

Yeayayayay Snails rock!

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Oldlady57 in reply to Oldfloss

I follow your mantra Oldfloss 🐌🐌🀣

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I’m an early runner on week 9, I have a strong coffee and water before I go... I tried half a banana before my run once and it made me feel a bit sick 🀒 so I’ve not done it since... maybe give it a go and see what works for you 😊

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Welcome and well done.

Please check this important linked post out. There is a lot of useful advice.. tried and tested.


There is a section on your eating. It is very important to fuel the running, with a healthy, well balanced eating regime...especially as the runs get longer...Correct hydration too, is key. Every day...not just run days or the day before.. every single day :)

There are many, many folk who never eat anything, before the runs up to 10K... and some who do... my routine since I began this in 2015. Cup of tea.. two digestive lights.... about 45 mins to an hour before I finally head out... one sip of water before leaving:) Just part of my routine..I run early:) Breakfast afterwards...not bananas, avocado on toast.. yummy :) :)

Take it very, very slowly and steadily and find out what is correct for you . Plenty of time to find your own routine and how it all fits in with your lifestyle too :)

Well done on getting out nice and early! I love morning runs the best. πŸƒβ€β™€οΈβ€οΈ

As for fuel, hydrate loads the day before. I know said you can’t eat bananas, but I have just a bite of one before a run - I find any more than that feels uncomfortable. Can you find something equivalent you can nibble on first? Best not have a completely empty stomach.

Happy running! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

I never eat first but I think I probably ought to, I do try to have a drink of water first and also to remember to drink enough the day before ....

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Personally I don't have anything to eat or drink at all, but, from the replies we are all different.

Whatever you feel comfortable with is probably the answer.

As Oldfloss says hydration is key. I know that I have got to improve my fluid intake, I just never really feel thirsty, getting 1500 mls is a struggle for me, but I am getting there.

You'll find your routine. 😊

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I'm with the majority. You should be fine not eating before your run, just have a drink. If i was peckish I'd have half a cereal bar or light biscuit. I always prefered to have my breakfast to look forward too. ;-)

Early morning runner here too, I just have some water before I go and then have my breakfast when I get home.

And pleased to meet you, fellow knitter !

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