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I think this is too hard for me!

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So I did Week 1 Run 2, this Morning and I just don't think I can do it anymore. I am literally killing myself trying to finish each set of runs, I am struggling so much with my breathing and not sure if I'm doing something wrong. It says I should run at a comfortable pace that I can hold a conversation but I'm not able to do it at all, i getting seriously out of breath and it also takes my a good couple of hrs afterwards to recover and my heart rate to drop back down to my resting rate. I don't know if I'm off too fast or just really bloody unfit. I try slowing down but it feels really hard on my knees, is this just because I'm so overweight(3 stone). Any help would be very much appreciated, thank you.

15 Replies
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I was like this at the beginning. Then I learned how to run slowly. I had been trying to sprint the whole thing.

So, I started putting one foot only just in front of the other. Really, barely moving forward at all. And if I still got tired, I would concentrate on slowing the pace - fewer steps per minute. It takes concentration but it does work. Running slowly is something of an art form - a skill you need to work at. But you can do it (well, if I can, I'm pretty sure anyone can) and you will soon start to see the benefit. Honestly, you will.

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Hey, don't give up just yet!

It is most likely that you are off too fast - I really struggled at the beginning and had to do 5 runs in week 1 just to build the stamina up for week 2 - it's not easy but I promise you, you will get there! I'm still struggling with being a bit too happy with my pace nearly 5 weeks in, so its normal to go faster than you should!

You might be taking too big of a stride if you are trying to do a slow pace but struggling, I was trying to go too quick to try and get some good distance and it messed my breathing up for ages after because I wasn't pacing myself enough. It's normal to feel that way though, especially if you aren't used to it!

If it feels hard on your knees, it could be that you are bobbing up and down when running too much therefore making a bigger impact on your knees and wasting more energy than you need to!

Don't feel bad if you need to repeat the week, it sometimes benefits you for the better!

I can only give so much advice from what I learnt over the last few weeks, but there will be people that can give you some really good advice about some of the stuff I said!

Good luck - don't give up! I believe in you :)

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Agree with sheps - my first one I legged it, thinking "running = speed". Totally done in. I found the slow jogging and did that on the 2nd run - what a difference! I walked quicker than I "ran". Am still at it, now week 3. Please don't give up. Take it slow - you can do it 👍👏🙂

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My daughter and I started together she is very overweight and struggled beyond belief on first day out ....we barely went above a walk and her knees and feet hurt. She was SO despondent and couldn’t imagine actually running for any longer than 90 seconds. She got to the end of week 5 before a nasty cold stopped her in her tracks!!!....if your doc says your hearts ok this should be the one for you .....go slower don’t give up 🙃

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Yep- what everyone else says - you can do this but you need to take it REALLY slowly. Have a look at the Japanese slow running technique- ( easy to find on google and there are links in some posts too)

You’ve got this- don’t give up we’re right behind you 💪🏻👍🏼👏🏼

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Please don't be disheartened. I think I can safely say that all of us found the first couple of runs horrific. I am fit but the first 60 sec run nearly killed me! Take it really really slowly. It doesn't matter if it's at the same pace as walking. The main thing is the programme is really good and builds your stamina up slowly. Keep at it and congratulate yourself for doing the first two runs.

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Well done! You did the hardest bit getting out the door and starting 👏👏Don’t give up , it is so worth it . I am on W5 and only now do I think I could contemplate a conversation 🤪if I had to ! Go slower than slow. I’m overweight also and found knee supports helped a lot .🐌🐢🐌

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Thank you, I felt so upset and like "what's the point, I'm never going to be able to do it" but I have done it I guess, I've been out on 2 runs and that's a bigger achievement than I ever thought possible, I will look at ways of slowing myself down and possibly some support for my knees, see if that helps.

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Well done for going!!!! I did it last year and really struggled with knee problems as I was running on pavements, trying to do the programme again this year but have only been running on grass and what a difference! (Touching all things wood!) no knee issues this year...

I’m slower than slow but I’m doing it!! Keep trying and keep posting here as the support is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!👌🏻🤸‍♂️👏🏼

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Hiya I’m doing w2 r1 this evening. Like the others have said, I’m sure my “run” is slower than my walk - it’s still tough as I’ve never run before & am about 4stone overweight. maybe change the time of day you do your run & see if you have more energy ? I did 2 Eve and one am run in wk 1 and found the am one was a killer. Im just not a morning person haha. Keep going!😊

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Please don't give up, you can do it! Look up Japanese Slow Jogging, it explains small steps with you feet under your body and slowing your pace - it really works! I'm on Week 8 now and my stamina is so much more than week 1 - if you need to repeat runs you can. Keep on keeping on! :)

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Have just taken a look at "slow Jogging" and this is definitely what I need to do, I'm going to have a little practice in the garden before I head out for run 3, thank you to the people who suggested this to me, and to everyone else for your support. 🙂

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It sounds like you have read the guide to the plan, healthunlocked.com/couchto5... in which it states that it is advisable for you to be able to walk briskly for 30 minutes before you attempt to run.

If you can do the walking briskly for 30 minutes then you should be able to cope with C25k, because your pace does not have to be any faster than a brisk walk.

It is quite normal for heart rate to remain high for a couple of hours after heavy exertion and as you get fitter it won't go as high and will return to resting rate quicker.

The Japanese slow jogging method may suit you and is exactly what we advocate in the plan, by saying conversational pace, mid foot footstrike and being relaxed, but we don't have a neat video.

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As others have said, don’t give up. I struggled with week 1, and week 2 and week 3. If my hubby hadn’t told the kids I was doing it, I would probably have stopped. I’ve just finished week 9! Not managing 5k but running slowly for 30 minutes. You are probably going too fast, even if you think you can’t go any slower! Look at the Japanese slow running and go even slower. Also make sure you are taking plenty fluids, especially the day before the run- that probably made the biggest difference to me. I’m still not really enjoying running, but do feel great when it’s finished and health wise it’s been great, have lost a lot of weight. Keep going, you can do it

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Don't give up, take your time, it's not a race. Just think of the achievement & how proud you'll feel when you complete a run or a week. Having a runner friend/mentor to give you a gentle nudge helps too. Join the parkrun community for support too. There's always someone there to give you support to finish the course walking to begin with then gradually building up to running.

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