Wk7 run 1 done, COMFORTABLY???

Hi all, actually feeling a little conflicted over this now the euphoria is settling down :-) I went out tonight to do my 25 min run, quite excited to see what I could do back on my old route (having done my w6r3 25 at park run on Sat) and was astonished to find that a) I was comfortable by 5mins (usually takes closer to 8), b) at no point was I desperate to stop (even on the hills), c) I felt well within my limits for the whole run, d) I had the umph to speed up for the last minute, and e) I could even have run on longer!

3 runs ago it was all I could do to drag myself round that route for 20 minutes...

Just wondering now whether I actually worked hard enough?

I simply can't believe the difference :-). :-) :-)



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12 Replies

  • Go steady and don'-t get carried away by the euphoria. It's so easy to over do it and get hurt. You need to build up your body to cope with the demands being made on it. that takes time Go carefully and finish the program in one piece. Then you can build up to longer spells of running and your speeď will progressively increase

    Take care and good luck with your remaining runs

  • Thanks Miss Wobble - you're right' of course - I'd just never had a run before where I felt comfortable :-)

  • Brilliant work Potty, expect some downs as well as ups, but it looks like you are nearly there!

  • Thanks OG, I will - I've had more than a few already - perhaps that's why this one was such a surprise :-)

  • Are you....getting fitter....? By any chance ? Sounds like you're making terrific progress. Well done !

  • Well, Henpen, I don't want to count my chickens before they're hatched but it did cross my mind ;-) I guess Weds will be the proof of the pudding - if I can do it again, comfortably :-)

  • It sounds as if your body is getting used to this running thing. Each run is building up your fitness and stamina a little bit more. As misswobble says though, take it slowly for the remaining weeks. You don't want to join the others on the IC!

  • Thanks IP, I will do :-) It's good to have the experience of this run to draw on though... ;-)

  • Sounds like a great run potty :) Give yourself a bit of credit there... you're probably getting fitter :D

  • Is it your run day today? Good luck! Take care and go SLOWLY!!!!

    Have fun. If you start with a smile across your face you'll be more relaxed and get into the run quicker. Do your warm up walk properly. No cutting corners

  • Hello Miss Wobble - Yes! Run 2 tonight :-) another 25 minutes... quite excited to see if I can do it again, or whether it was fluke on Monday ;-)

    Thanks for the advice - and for the good luck wish :-)

  • Sounds like you're getting the hang of it, there's no need to totally knacker yourself every run you know!

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