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janda March posting

Not too good at posting here but I am still running with two half marathons to look forward to. The prep continues three to four times a week disrupted as ever by work and life. My post on the Beyond C25k Facebook group looks like this today:

'After the achy start yesterday (shins) I was a little apprehensive about the long run today. But all went to plan and the pace fair for all but the first, 16th and 18th km, oh and that hill! So North London Half Marathon here we come. Two weeks to go (t-14 days) begone the stadium to stadium run. I now know it's got to wind down a bit in the last week or so but I will aim to get the miles in this week and keep on track. Good luck everyone else who's signed up for it or any other event.'

Will try to post more often here: back to my roots stuff. Still read the digest that comes in on a Monday morning so I know what people are up to. Cheers and keep on running.

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It sounds as if it's going really well janda. "Two half marathons to look forward to". Did you ever think you'd type those words?!


Not when I started this running thing . Having done two already and pulled out of a third due to injury I feel ready for it. It's still hard work but it's fun and I feel I'm achieving something each time I go and do a long run or a race.


Good luck with the preparations Janda and all the best for your forthcoming HM's.


Thanks. Tapering down soon for this one.


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