Running on Tartan

Just wanted to recommend for anyone feeling the effects of pounding tarmac to have a go on a proper athletics track, it's like running on a mattress (I imagine) :-) Can be boring but better than being in pain. The last time I ran on tartan was nearly 30 years ago, 800m completed in 1 minute 57 seconds, I was just coming out of the final bend and saw everyone else had finished :-(


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19 Replies

  • Whats Tartan ? Are you wearing a kilt ? :-D xxx

  • Hmm originally from Scotland but Tartan is the orange spongey running track material, really tiring running on in proper running shoes, but slow jogging would be fine, supposed to wear spikes, or barefoot like Zola x

  • Blimey ! You learn something new everyday on here ! Ive never heard of that ! :-)

    Cheers Jase xxx

  • Kilt would be far too heavy PP and the sgian-dubh would probably be considered an offensive weapon these days ;-)

  • Ha ha ! It never fails to surprise me what I learn on here, its amazing ! :-) xxx

  • My Grandad was in the Gordon HIghlanders in the first world war and he really regretted selling his kilt for bread as a POW as his kilt had kept him warm whereas the blouson also part of the exchange and trousers were dreadfully thin. Top tip - keep your kilt on!

  • What a great story G, sad though, yep top tip ! :-) xxx

  • Especially if you're not wearing anything under it.

  • Which gets the old response "There's nothing worn under my kilt madam" ;-)

  • Do you know, despite being married to a Scot for 28 years I have never heard that one before (unless ofcourse I've been too daft to understand). Now I'm a graduate (!!) I understand a lot more than I used to about a lot of things.

  • The full responses when someone asks are

    “Madam, there is nothing worn under the kilt, everything is in perfect working condition.”

    “Aye, when I wear my kilt the Lord looks down with pride, and the Devil looks up with envy

    Then again I was born in Edinburgh but my family are from Peterhead and Fraserburgh so maybe it's a North East saying

  • As PP says, its amazing what you learn on this forum. I class myself as being from the NE (but not quite so far - East Yorkshire) and my husband was born in Stirling, educated in Edinburgh. I'll ask him, at an appropriate moment, the relevant questions!

  • I was born in Stirling, my first break of the year was a trip up to Portree in Skye, absolutely love Skye, the land lady where I stayed recommended c25k

  • Actually, now we're getting down to nitty gritty, think I should have said Stirlingshire (Bridge of Allan). Good old landlady - hope you go back and show her the results of her idle words! Bit of a difference running in Skye 'tho compared to East Anglian where I now live. Had our honeymoon on Skye and bought a house in Bernisdale on our honeymoon! You're obviously not watching the rugby if you're on this forum - or don't you bother these days given that Scotland can never seem to win (robbed the last 2 games mind you).

  • My kilt is made from 8 yards of heavyweight wool, and yes, it is bloody heavy, but you can run in long as it is not raining.

    As for a sgian-dubh...well, a Swiss army knife is far more practical; particularly if you came across a horse with a stone stuck in its hoof!!

  • My Kilt is also about 8 yards worth. I had it let out in my forties and I need it taken in now thanks to running ;-) I have a lovely sharp Sgian-dubh but don't wear it much ;-)

  • Never had a sgian-dubh, just the good old kiltpin....with a jolly sharp point!

    Which tartan are you? Mine is an ancient hunting Sinclair.

  • Ancient Bruce

  • Ancient McKenzie

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