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Ich bin ein park runner!

Morning all.

Just back from my first ever parkrun in Banbury.

Completely different terrain to what I'm used to. A mix of tarmac, cinder paths, grass and today, a fair amount of mud and puddles.

I usually run purely on pavement, so the change of surfaces was nice but I did find it tough.

Couldn't really get my pace right, always seemed to be a bit faster than I wanted.

Had to have a couple of walk breaks, but the time on my garmin was 38:20. Not my fastest 5K but not far off considering the change of course and walk breaks.

Also my first run without anything to listen to. Not sure I liked that, had nothing to distract my mind. Although a nice lady did start chatting to me and kept me company for about half the time.

As Arnold once said...I'll be back!!

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Hey ! Well done Peter for giving it a go. When you back you will will be more prepared as to the running surface and hopefully will be able to get a PB. Great stuff !


Brilliant Peter. I'm sure it won't be your last ;-)


That's great to hear, Peter. I find that, with all the other runners around, I end up running faster than I intend to. It's good just to be out with other people though, isn't it? Well done.


Yay Peter thats great, well done you :) Parkrun does get addictive, chasing that PB can be fun ! :)


very well done Peter :D running on varying surfaces is supposed to be good for us :) and a very good time taking that into account :D


Great stuff Peter. Sounds like you're hooked! ;)


Had the result email and text. Confirming my time at 38:20, matching my garmin.

I was finisher 84 out of 95 runners. 46th in gender and 2nd in my age group.

Next time I'll be more mindful of my pace early on, and hopefully it'll be drier. The slippery, slidey mud in places was a real strength sapper.


I think your time is really good, Peter, considering all the different terrain as your legs need to get used to the change. So well done for getting it done and I'm impressed you can talk AT ALL at Parkrun never mind half the time!


Well done Peter, Looking forward to my first Parkrun next week so it is nice to get feedback from others who have tried it for the first time. I will concentrate on getting round at a comfortable pace and worry about personal bests later. As you identify, I am also used to a route that has different surfaces and am also used to running on my own. Parkrun will be very different!


That's a good time, better than mine!


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