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So here goes nothing!

As some of you on the FB group will have seen, I've recently been through a very traumatic break up, from my long term partner. All a bit out of the blue, all a bit rubbish. That said- I am picking myself back up, and putting myself back together, and I've decided that running will be the best way to do that!

I graduated early last summer (May/June), and then stopped running. I'd got a new job, worked more like 9-5 instead of at home, and wanted to spend my evenings at home with him. So I stopped. And it was the stupidest thing I've ever done.

So, on Sunday, I'm going to get my things out of 'our' house. Including my Garmin and my running gear. I'm getting SUCH itchy feet to get out there and pound those pavements. I know that emotionally and mentally it will be the ABSOLUTE best thing. And who knows, I may even meet someone at a ParkRun down the line... And if I can lose a stone, all the better.

That said, I've lost a lot of fitness so I know that this is going to be difficult. Not sure what week to start at again- any advice?

Also, wish me luck!!! First run will probably be on Tuesday.. I'll keep you posted.

Lots and lots of running love,

B xx

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Good on you for picking yourself up again. Hmmm... I feel a song coming on... pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again :) Bit of an old one but still relevant :) Not sure where you should start but I guess you could try a run from each week until you find one you are comfortable with. Depends really on how much fitness you really have lost and that may well be a bit of trial and error. Good luck with it though. Running is a brilliant antidote to your troubles :D

Happy running :)


you know what, there is nothing like going out for a run to de-stress and have some time to yourself! You'll get back into it really quick if you've done it before, promise!


I know how that feels, though it happened to me some 25 years ago. It's not easy, but time will help and you will look back and wonder why you wasted your time on such a worthless person (well I do anyway). My husband changed the locks (nice man, particularly since it was him who had been unfaithful and moved in his girlfriend the minute I moved out). I had to shimmy over the back fence and go in the back patio door when I knew he and the gf would be out - unfortunately he came back as my friends and I loaded our cars with my stuff. It was not a pleasant experience and as I wailed 'I can't believe it's come to this' he calmly pushed me away and said 'well it has'. As I said, lovely man.

Anyway, within 2 years I was remarried to a nice bloke (well he has his moments, obviously, but then I suppose I do too!).

All these things will pass, and running is ABSOLUTELY the best thing you can do just to keep your endorphins up and will have the added health and weight loss benefits you want as well. I would start right at the beginning and just do each week once until it starts getting hard.

So, well done for being so positive, and **** him!!!


Hi Beth,

I graduated around the end of June as well. And due to shin splints, I stopped running to let them heal, and what was meant to be a two week break turned into a two month break! Like you, I wondered how to start up again, and decided to plump for Week 7. I can honestly say, that I am still struggling now! I do wish I started with some earlier week, maybe even Week 1. You lose it so fast if you don't keep up the momentum! So with this in mind I would suggest you think about starting from scratch, or week 2 at a push. And build up gradually again. It really makes a difference, trust me!

A lot of it is a mind game yes, but it's a physical one too.

Good on you for deciding to take it up again. No better fuel than a bad break up. I think I lost about two stones after my last one. It will make you feel so much better and positive about things! Focus on yourself for a while.

Also, have you thought about doing your runs in the mornings before you start work? It's not always easy to get up that bit earlier but it's a great feeling knowing that your run is out of the way for the day :)

Good luck with it and keep us updated.

And also.... big hugs :) xxx


Good luck!! ( in everything!)


Thank you guys, your stories are beautiful and inspirational, as always!

I think I will start at Week 1, and just do each run once or until it gets hard! I fear I'm nowhere near my previous fitness levels, and I was still no Paula Radcliffe!!

Your kind wishes and encouraging words mean the absolute world, and I know that with your support, and the programme, I'll soon be back and better than ever!!

B xx


My friend's Mum said once (in very strong Cork accent) "Men! And their rotten willies! They are the cause of all the trouble and bother in this world!"

Good for you, you're amazing. Get out there and kick up the dust, good luck and I reckon you deserve some new kit for the new you!

Big love xxx


I fully intend on buying myself some new goodies. A new pair of shoes, complete with gait analysis are top of the list.. Followed by some funky sweatbands!

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Ha ha I bet we all feel like that after a break up. Then we stumble across a good'un and start seeing the benefits in their appendages again!


Good luck. 😊


Welcome back Beth. Think it's a brilliant idea to start running again. After having a couple of months off with knee trouble I started back at the beginning and did 1 run from weeks 1- 4, then gauged how I felt and took it from there. It's a very personal thing but you will have the advantage of being powered by righteous indignation. It may well give your feet wings. :)



Welcome back

And belive me this is the best decision you have ever made to start running back !!!

The people here are lovely and the best.

We all are here with you

I hope you started with week 1 ...

I suggest take one run of each week and see which one is the most toughest and then start with the same or a level down to it.

Apart from running I really like to appreciate your sprit. I totally understand what kind of emotional stress you might be going through.

No one can help in this but only you.

All our prayers and wishes are with you

Keep going

Keep running



Sorry to hear of your break up and agree with others that running (or any form of exercise) is a good thing to do as it will help your mood and general well being. I agree with the general view of trying a run from each of weeks 1-4 until you find your level, and if you are still comfortable then doing week 5 in full and going on from there.


Don't run in a temper though as you'll get so tense you'll tweak something. Be the epitome of Zen.

Welcome back Beth, good to see you back. Don't leave a again!


Miss!!! Wow it's been a while. Glad you're still on here! And thanks for the kind words- all of you! I'm super excited to get back out there.. Being the epitome of zen, of course.


Great idea to run again when life gets crummy. It's good fit the sads and good for the rage. Happy running - I look forward to your posts.


I really hope you sort things out, as well as c25k (just nailed W5r3 tonight :-)) I've started with the headspace app and loving it, it's meditation but wow its for normal people if that makes sense. Oh read a funny story of a spurned woman who strategically placed frozen prawns in curtain poles in the house, the smell got so bad they sold the house cheap, took the curtain poles down on removal day ;-)


Hi Beth, Big hugs ((( )))

Nows the time to focus on just you ,and running is perfect " Me " time . I wish you all the very best xxx

Treat yourself to some new running gear and then thats it , youre good to go :-)

Good luck ! :-) xxx


Which is your nearest Parkrun? Are you in Norfolk? Hope its going well.


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