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Running passions... Long term...

I've really struggled lately with running... I've had a chest thing. Bad allergies causing wheeziness ( horsey .. And no I havent)....

So today I made myself...

My favourite bit is the suspension bridge.....amazing views over Bristol...

I did my nod to the festivities and put my red lippy on..because I'm a bit like that!!!

My dad dropped me off and it was a bit wet..

However.....I got out there

Fu(€ it was hard.... Whoever said running was easy ..

I managed ten miles but I had to dig from places I'd never fathomed... And I just kept thinking that I want to do a marathon....

You know... I will and I can.. And who said life was easy... Running is the hardest thing I ever did and ever will do....but I love it!!!!

The pic is me in my HM medal pre run today.... I know I'm eccentric with my fur but its me :)


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Eccentric is good. Sometimes not easy is good too (I nearly phrased that wrongly). Dad's are good too. Love to see a post run pic. Maybe not. Well done. Look after your health. x


Ha ha yes post run pic = v v sweaty dirty juicyju!!!

Yes eccentric is good... Thankyou!



It's a real bummer when injury or illness grounds you, and then you have to get back out there. And you're right, its not easy, not by a long chalk, but then there 'aint no feeling like finishing it. :-) (I love extreme smugness)

Well done for getting out there, and just doing it, and well done for running 10 miles. I still haven't done 10K yet. (Mind you my physio has got my legs working again, so I am going for it).

Happy Christmas


Well done that's fab... And you will get to that 10k... It's always good to remember that running is hard. Every run I've done and thought ' yeah this easy' I've crashed and burned. Running needs focus and hardcore mental training, that's why I found my panther...


I love the way you say you "managed 10 miles"!!! I can only dream of that. Did you run in the fur?


No the fur is pre and post run only... My panther fur ( although its more like a bear!)


Really well done julia. Amazing distance- particularly as you said you were not feeling v motivated. It constantly infuriates me that this running lark is really mind over matter- I do win the mental battle - and I always feel better afterwards. But I don't find it easy - but maybe I find it easier. Found myself blithely saying yesterday - oh yes I could a HM tomorrow if I put my mind to it.....famous last words!

As for being unwell - I am very worried about this sort of set back- so really well done you and a deserved pat on the back.

See you on the other side of xmas.xx


Thankyou... And you are so right it is all in our minds and about focussing etc... There are so many depths to running which is why I'm so passionately in love....


Well done you. Hold on to the thought that it'll all be easier after Xmas. It will. It will. :)


Thankyou... I so hope you are right, and we have passed the longest day too....


Well done you! Still got to get to 10 miles.

Loving the coat!

Viki :-)




Ooooh JuJu, you're sooooo furrrrry! Prrrrrrr......

Sorry! Don't know where that came from...

Only ten miles? You should be ashamed of yourself. How pathetic is that? If I were you I'd hang my head in shame.

JOKE!!! Amazing as usual. You are an inspiration to all us eccentrics. Where would we be without eccentricity? I bet you sweated in that fur, pounding out ten miles. Can you put it in the wash afterwards?

I bow to your Panther Greatness.


I'm a very furry panther in my coat...in fact more of a bear!!! ... it's not real panther fur ;)

Coat is for before and after... I love being eccentric, no- one else at parkrun wears a fur, red lipstick and sweatband combo!! I think they think I'm nuts but you know, ill never be the sporty type but at least I can run a HM distance....but that's because I found my panther and its me!!!!


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