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New graduate

I had a good run today, week 9 run 3, speeding up a bit at the end to show myself I've got something in reserve. i have a slow, steady pace now that feels right and feels like something I can build on. Quite excited to keep running and improving. I've worked through the programme exactly as it is laid out and have had no problems.

I am going to stick around for a bit on this forum, keep learning and try to encourage others. I love the supportive and generous tone and I've learned so much and been inspired by so many of you. I've also signed up for the Bridge to 10 K forum.

A bit about me - I live on the west coast of Canada, retired from a full job but busier than ever doing consulting work from home, which gives me flexibility, and I've great places to run. I get too busy, so running is great as it gets me away from my computer. I've never been at all athletic, but I have discovered that I have a capacity to be persistent. I've done lots of long distance walking, including in the UK. So my aim is to transfer my love of moving through the landscape at a slow pace for a long time to running, and build up the kms.


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Well done Joanee! Glad you're not leaving the forum. I hope to be graduating within the next week, all being well. I have to have a minor procedure done on my skin at the end of the week and I'm not sure if that might not hinder R3, but hopefully not.

Enjoy the Canadian West Coast. I am hoping to break out of the gym onto the South Downs when the weather improves ....


Breaking out of the gym is likely going to be a really nice change when the weather improves. Especially with the South Downs nearby - I have relatives in that area and have walked the South Downs Way - a lovely place to run.


Fantastic, welcome to the graduates lounge! Don't forget your badge!


Thanks. Badge acquired.


Well done! This is the sort of program where you realise everyone ca n be a runner :). You might have to share some photos of that beautiful Canadian coast. Is it cold there now?


Thanks - and you are right - I think I am at the beginning stage of being a runner, but am looking forward to continuing. It is not cold here - this is the tropics of Canada. Not unlike England. Only snows occasionally. Most un-Canadian, and great for year-round running. If you do not mind the pretty frequent rain - which I don't.

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Fantastic and well done. Just to share my post graduation running. I graduated 17 weeks ago and signed up to a 10 k programme straight away. However, by the end of the week, my knees were very sore, I knew that I needed to ease up and allow myself to make my own running routine. I started running 3 X 30 mins for the first week, then on a good day, kept running and did a 5k in 43 minutes. After that, as I knew I could do 5k, I mostly stuck to that distance for several weeks.

I just added .5 km, then did a 6, 7 and then decided to keep running to 10 km! I now only do 1 long run a week and 2 X 5k (one nice and slow, the other a little faster)! I hope the 10k programme works for u but if ur legs feel sore or recovery difficult, don't b disappointed to rest and devise ur own plans.


Thanks Julie, this is good advice and I think that this is what I will do. I don't have any great ambitions to run races - but I would like to work up to 10k.


Fabulous Joanee, :) I love see people make it through the programme. Working from home and running somewhere along the western coast of Canada sounds quite idyllic. Enjoy being a runner. Graduating is an achievement worth celebrating!


Thankyou, Bop. I look forward to expanding my range beyond the roads/trails around my house.


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