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Week 9, run 1 - I just ran 30 mins!!


I did it.... I actually did it!!! I just ran 30 minutes!!

Been putting it off all day thinking the rain would ease off... it didn't ☔... so it reached 9pm and I was running out of light... had to go for it.

That was sooooo tough.... bleak, drizzly, daylight fading away 😫 15 mins in I could feel the threat of a stitch... 25 mins in, I had completely given up on trying to hit 4k and was just willing myself to please, please keep going!! (I genuinely think id have curled up in a puddle and cried if I stopped!) So I was just aiming to finish.

And then I heard only 60 seconds left and some other words of encouragement and for the first. Time ever on this programme, I felt so grateful for the those final words of support... my oh my, I needed them!! So I pushed and pushed and pushed!!!.

AND I DID IT!! 30mins annnnndddd 4.03km.... yessssss!!!! I am so pleased with myself!

I know there are 2 more runs to go but did anyone else feel like this run felt like a win in its own right?!

C25K.... amazing!!

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Well done!! You should be so proud of yourself, this is such an amazing achievement and YOU DID IT 🥳

JamicharlaGraduate in reply to emilyb95

Thank you! Feeling fabulous!


Amazing you!! Enjoy your next few runs. It will be life changing 😍

JamicharlaGraduate in reply to 58soon

thanks! Can't wait to graduate now!


Well done 😊


Great run for you just before it got dark, good luck for your graduation run 🏃🏾 😊.

Well done, I’ll be doing this rum tomorrow.

JamicharlaGraduate in reply to Overweightandunfit

Good luck - you've got this!


Great run👍😁


I'm just about to set off on W9R1. Your words have encouraged me. I didn't want to get out of bed this morning 🤞🏃‍♀️

JamicharlaGraduate in reply to Tallowah

Thats brilliant! You can do this! Look forward to hearing how it goes!

TallowahGraduate in reply to Jamicharla

Well I managed the 30 minutes but only 3.5km although app says my pace was 9kmh? Really pleased I got through it. I'm going to run a 5km track for run 2 . Yay us! 😃🏃‍♀️

JamicharlaGraduate in reply to Tallowah

Awesome stuff!! Don't worry too much about the distance at the moment. I was keen to see what I covered over 30mins but still way off 5k... the impressive part is that we can run 30mins!! So awesome!! The rest will come in time!

I'm doing the same-.trying different routes, keeps me on my toes and changes things up!


Me too, unbelievable isn't it. Can't believe we can run for 30 mins, remember when 5 seemed like it would be impossible! Very proud. Well done us!!

JamicharlaGraduate in reply to Clh232

100% its soon rewarding! Worth every inch of hard work for sure! Well done to you too! Go us!!

Rain wind or shine go for it. So happy for you. I am big on willing to go for it and be grateful for what I have and not what I don’t. Good luck and ENJOY


JamicharlaGraduate in reply to GetFitMum71

Definitely - always about getting the right mindset!

Absolutely brilliant! I’ve not been out for a week because of the weather. I’m determined to get out today- W7R3. So near and yet so far...

Good luck with the last two runs! 💪🏻🥇

JamicharlaGraduate in reply to Elleay

thank you! Yes go for it! You can do it! Not far to go now and the highs are soon worth it!! Good luck!



Congratulations and I totally agree this morning I did run 1 week 9 and at the end when I did it I cried I was surprised at how emotional I felt.

JamicharlaGraduate in reply to DMLL62

Amazing isn't it?! I totally get that we need to get that time cemented and get used to covering it, but in terms of reaching the goal, we've done it!! Yay!


Well done!

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