WK8 begins :)

WK8 begins :)

Just done wk8r1 and managed to knock 22secs off my last 5K time already. Must be these new x-socks I've brought lol they are really comfortable and let your feet breath as well. 5 more runs to grad day woop woop it's like a run in the park lol. I can't believe how I started this C25k thinking I'd never do it and now I've nearly graduated. Come on all you new runners you can do it 😊😊 J


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  • wow Jase, well done you are smashing it :D it is surprising how quick the 9 weeks goes :D

  • Your telling me rob it only feels like 8 wks since I started this damn program. I say damn program because I'm loving it now so much it's taking over my life lol. But seriously it's great best new yr 5th of jan 15 thing I've started in a long time.

  • haha you have the running bug already Jase :)

  • Well done Jase. Look forward to your graduation

  • Cheers GF

  • Well done Jase! I feel the same. It's taking over my life. Yesterday I had a run, read Runner's World, entered a race and spent far too long on this forum. Surprised I get any work done any more! Glad you're loving it too and getting on so well. Good luck with the rest of Week 8 :)

  • Hahaha snap! It's definately addictive x :-)

  • No excuse it's taking over I love it. Once I've finished a run I can't wait to get out on the next

  • Cheers G I'm the same I've brought trail runners too as well as runners world my life is becoming one big run. Even brought some proper socks how's that for dedication

  • well done thats really good progress... :) Bet you are raring to go for the next one now...nearly done!!

  • To right JJ I've got you to catch or run away from depended how the Panther and tiger get on :) lol this is 90% your fault with your blog I first read lol

  • Aw it's so exciting! It's amazing isn't it! Five more runs to go, five more runs! X :-)

  • Well done - and I agree with everyone else - its flipping addictive - and so is this forum. Amazing time you clocked up.

  • Thanks buffy. I really thought I was slower today thou. But that time includes the five minute walk so god knows my real 5k time

  • Well done Jase! You're definitely struck with the running bug! I too started on 5th Jan the year before! :)

  • That makes you my twin older runner then Ali lol

  • and we're in the 44 yr old club too! :)

  • I'm 45 in May what about you?

  • You're the older twin then, mines in October, eek -45 how did that happen??!!

  • Must be something to do with the ageing process. Well little sis bring it on. Graduation is 5 runs away 😁 j

  • I will have to check my graduation date, see if that ties in too! :)

  • Let me know the date and I'll see what I can do 😊

  • 8th march! :) just checked! but i won't hold you to that! HAPPY RUNNING JASE! :)

  • Easy doable I head for the 8 of March finish 😊

  • that would be cool but only if it ties for you...no pressure! :)

  • Goodness, that's a great time.... *runs off to Goggle x-socks*

  • Lol. They really are comfortable socks. Just a bit pricey at Β£14 a pair.

  • Yes I saw that! 14 Squid a pair gasp? I got 3 for Β£2.99 Aldi specials!

  • They are good thou

  • Well done Jase, so good to be getting near the finish line.

  • Sure is can't wait to cross that line

  • Oh Jase, I missed this post !

    Well done to you , not long to go now , fab stuff !

    You really are running your socks off :-D

    All the very best , COME ON JASE !! :-) xxx

  • No not long to go now before I'm a R. U. N. N. E. R. πŸ˜‰

  • Y.A.Y ! :-) xxx

  • Congrats Jase! Super inspiring :-) Also what is this app? Runkeeper doesn't do stuff as fancy as this (not on the free version anyway haha)

  • Katy it's called Strava and you can use it for cycling or running. It's a free app and you can track friends on it etc thanks for the post glad it's inspiring. I'm nearly there now run 8.2 tonight

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