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Holiday running

Just arrived in Mission Bay, San Diego. Been travelling in an RV for a week. Still running. Sunday: Caspers Wilderness Park, Orange County; Tuesday: Calico ghost town; Thursday: Las Vegas, Nevada; Sunday: Blythe, Arizona (on the banks of the Colorado river). Tomorrow: Probably along the beach which runs along behind the RV.... Ahhhh - life is so hard!!

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Oh wow! Sounds absolutely heavenly. Can anyone tell I have gone a faint shade of green? :D

Happy holidays and happy running :)


Oh yes, sounds great. Have you got a Garmin or some way of tracking so you get to keep your runs as souvenirs?


oh yes! I was itching to know whether it would work over here - and it does. Its great looking at the maps - makes a change from the usual route up the road behind my house. It's also an added incentive to keep running even tho I'm on holiday.

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