Struggled today

With the winter, dark nights and ice it's been difficult to keep up the running over the last two months and now I'm really struggling to get back into it, today I managed just under 2miles and it felt like it nearly killed me! Looking back through map my run I have managed to get out more than I thought, 4 times in december, but only twice in January and three times over the last week but it is so hard. I presume it's just a matter of building up slowly again after a slow couple of months?


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6 Replies

  • I had the same problem last winter due to illness. I found that if I was kind to myself with run/walks rather than constant running I was able to build up my distance again. I'm a slow and steady runner so I wasn't fussy about speed. Don't be too hard on yourself and build up again gradually.

  • getting out at all is a huge plus point :D still beats those still sitting at home :D think we are all looking forward to spring,lighter mornings and evenings :D and of course warmer weather :)

    The more you run the more confident you will be come in your running and ability to run more ,initially yeah just build up slowly and dont increase distance/time by more than 10% a week :D

  • It is hard in this weather but every little counts and you did get out there, so well done. You'll probably find you'll get more runs in as the weather improves and then it'll likely be too hot!

  • Thanks everyone, I'm definitely a plodder, speed is very low on my list of priorities , and every little counts as you sitting on the sofa. I shall get out again on Monday or Tuesday hopefully.

  • From one plodder to another - I'm in a similar position. Graduated in November. Then had a horrid lurgy. Then Christmas and was just starting to get back to longer runs but now have a painful knee which I think needs a trip to the physio before I rub any more! Poor me! I don't mind winter but bit does make running harder. I've also found running with walking breaks a good way to build up again. Good luck from one plodder to another ...

  • I had a bit of a light bulb moment this evening, I've been over tired, and tonight I was quite light headed, I have a feeling that my iron deficiency might have returned and maybe that's why I'm struggling. I'm off to the chemist tomorrow to get some iron tablets and see how that goes.

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