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Week 7 run 2 - A new track / A new partner / A confession & A new record -WOW

Week 7 run 2 - A new track / A new partner / A confession & A new record -WOW

Hey hi every one

Good morning

Wow run 2 of week 7 completed -- just one more run to complete the week 7

It was really a great run with a new record

Covered 5.17k

Time :- 39.42

Changed the track today and ho a new partner for running ( my wife )

She also started the program. Today was her second run of week 1

Confession :-

Well today I broke the rules

I just ran for week 7 run 2 after running week 7 run 1 yesterday

I know the program recommend to take rest on the second day of run

My runs were falling on Friday and Monday's which are really hectic to me and don't want to delay the training as it is exactly completing a day before my birthday !!!

so did the coverup run today

That's it for today

Keep going

Keep running

Parvez virani

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Sounds like you're a bit of a natural runner, Parvez. Well done. Keep on running.

Lord Obe


Great run, and congrats on your new running partner, I wish I could get my other half off the couch!


Well I can say that I am lucky ... I didn't had to give much effort to it .. She got inspired by all the success run I discussed with her.

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