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Treadmill vs. Outside

Since joining the gym nearly two weeks ago i have discovered the following:


1) Where are all the people with my body shape gone? - have they vanished into thin air or have they turned into these lean, mean, toned, tanned beings that roam around?

2) Steam room etiquette is very different in other countries - I will not be going native

3) new equipment - i am ok with the cardio machines - now its the weights that scare me, just because i don't know how to use them. Next week i am going to give them a try- I mean its rude not to try all the shiny new weight machines that they have installed- I am wondering will they sell all the old techno -gym equipment? I hope i don't embarrass myself and use the incorrectly.

5) Pool staff very friendly - gym people not very friendly - unless you are mr muscle or miss model.

The Treadmill

As you know one of the reasons i joined the gym is because of the heat outside - until today i hadn't ventured upstairs to the treadmills (too many exciting brand new machines to make you sweat downstairs!) Today was my run day - got up late, decided to do the cleaning instead and thought about having a rest day - well then i thought about holiday we have booked, weight loss and the fact i can use the treadmill in the gym. Popped on my bike - did 30mins on the cross trainer and then thought i will do 5km on the treadmill. Thought i will put it on the hill setting -


1) has all the same information as my garmin, pace, time, distance and even speed. All good

2) can watch bbc world news

3) burnt off a lot more cal on treadmill than what my garmin tells me - or should this be a con for lies?

4) can have a shower straight away and hit the pool and the Jacuzzi.


1) time goes far too slow - watching bbc news doesn't really help!

2) usually i never worry about distance, but without the distractions of being outside the distance hardly seemed to move

I love running outside - the treadmill will be used but nothing beats the running around the streets of Santiago.

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Sounds like a good solution Vix. Except maybe that steam room company. When will you be able to hit the streets again?

I hear you on the body shape. My closest gym sounds like yours. But my favorite gym which unfortunately is a bit of a drive is mostly people agreed 75+ It's the absolute best. Folks just rock the equipment any way they want to.


i am still trying to get out on the streets when i can but properly not until april i think or i hope. Still mega hot! Tomorrow is set to 36 degrees again!!

I think its one of those things i just need to get over it - do what i need to do and get out. What i do like is that i pop on my bike and cycle - really gives me no excuses.


I had similar feelings when I went to my gym. When I asked for help because I was well out of shape they were very helpful. Also as I stuck at it they are proud of what they have done to get me where I am now. Still a fair way to go, but got core and legs working, so pressing on. Hope you have same success.


Yeah - luckily the equipment they use has videos online - this way i don't have to interpret "Chileno" - Glad you got a nice friendly gym.


Sympathies Vix, not for the holiday or the shiny new equipment you're getting to test out, but for the body beautiful ethic of your gym. There's a very swanky gym near us with fabulous kit, but no way would I ever set foot inside the place. It's inhabited by nymphs and goddesses and he-men: suspect there's a no-normal-humans policy. The council gym where I have used the treadmill is full of us lesser mortals, so isn't quite so intimidating. I agree with you that the treadmill is a boring place to run but, as you say, it's better than nothing. Not long now until you can get outside again and there is that holiday to look forward to. Happy running :)


That has made me smile -the prices you pay for air con!! I look at it when i am sweating like a hog - i tell myself i am aiming for that body, keep going and in JJ words punish that body. i tell you what since going to gym it has really made me think they really should introduce that exercising labelling on food - this chocolate bar will take you 7years worth of running to work off !

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I go to the gym 3 times per week (i'm 68). No one talks anymore, earphones everywhere. I agree, it's boring, but I still go.


That is great!! I am too aiming a min of 3 times a week too. I like the fact nobody speaks -hi, how are you is ok but after that i find it harder and harder to speak "chileno" when my partner speaks spanish to me i am ok but its a whole different language on the streets of Santiago. I am trying to do something different to see if i can get rid of these pounds


The world is my gym, the streets and trails of rural Essex and the roads of the great cities are my treadmill.

(Ok, I'm getting carried way now, I'll get me coat).


:) i miss the country roads of cheshire - i have thought about all the kit i am packing in 9 weeks - what will i need - can't wait for some "cool runnings"


I am fortunate. My sports centre in town (albeit 20 miles away) is £10.00 a month now I am 60 for all facilities and classes. I try to go in the mornings when it is mainly older folk of all shapes and sizes. There are some well preened muscled types at that time of day but the worst time is early evening, when it is full of grunting folk trying to push more weights than they should.

Now I will be getting my bus pass I will even be able to get there for free :-)

I still prefer to run outside when it is not too windy though.

will they not do an induction on the new stuff?


Sounds good - why do people do that - obviously they shouldn't be lifting those weights who are they trying to impress? Sounds good £10 a month!! :) I like outside but not while its so hot, i dislike the wind too. Having said that a cool breeze would be lovely now-the breeze we get is more like getting blown by your hairdryer on the lowest setting! :( It will cool down soon (hopefully)

No sure really- don't think i could cope with the spanish - i have been looking at the videos of the equipment online so that should help so i don't make a fool of myself


I have used gyms on and off for over 30 years, some have been "spit and sawdust" and some have been posh but they all had one thing in common. People who pose! Some people who looked like models and others who looked terrified. A bit like life really!

Don't be intimidated by them. Youre a very fit chick who can run for miles. Anyway, a lot of people in gyms do not use the machines properly because they are too busy showing off and posing. There should be a gym instructor there to show you how each machine works and how to use the weights properly. Ask at reception. Otherwise it's a health and safety issue.

I bet there are few, if any, people there who can run as long as you can on that treadmill!


Thank you IP! I will show them that just because I have a few extra pounds I am actually very fit. Yeah I know I should ask the instructors, that was my plan today but my partner cut his finger (deeply) so he is not feeling like going to the gym and I was hoping he will translate. I will get there, I think some weights will help make the legs and body stronger, so hopefully improve my times.

I am sure I will out run them all on the treadmill- hehe ;) I know running has made me a lot fitter so I am not that embarrassed.


Hello everybody as a gym user, I quiet enjoyed using all the equipments, if I don't know I just ask. There are a lots of personal trainers in the gym just standing there and doing absolutely nothing. So don't be afraid to ask them to show you how to used fancy equipment.

The reason you are going to the gym is because you want to keep fit and loose wait, just as everybody at the gym. So do not be intimidated by those well tone and slim body that you seen at the gym, you also can get that body if you are committed to your training.

About talking. I really doesn't chat to anybody as I am concentrating on my runs. And will really hate if anybody chats to me,as it broke off the rhythm of your exercise.

The things that really bother me is people with bad under arms smell. That really got on my tits. When you are in the gym you can get very close to the person using the machine next to you. It really annoyed me when some smelly person is running like mad, and flapping their arms about, the smell really affect my breathing. And that really pissed me off, as I have to move from the machine and start all over again.

To be fair only a minority of people really smell that bad.

Most of them make an efforts with their personal,hygiene.



Thank you. I won't let them put me off, paid for my membership and I am going to use it. Hate wasting money!!! We all have to start somewhere so I will using that fancy equipment.

Luckily I haven't come across anyone that smells, showering is very important in a hot country. so I think a lot more people are obsessed. Even the builders left one site all showered and clean-


Hi Vix

it's great you've got an alternative, but of course nothing beats the great outdoors.

Having a day off tomorrow (up late now waiting to pick my son up who's been on a trip to Iceland), so looking forward to a later run in the day light. Just checked the forecast - due to raining actually so that will make a change - it's been cold her in the south west, but pretty dry.

Hope you have some good times in the gym until you're able to go out again.

:) xx


Sounds good, plan running in daylight. Sounds like the south west is having some better weather than the North! I found there was a micro climate down in the south west, while at uni the weather always seemed better than the rest of the UK.I hope your son had a fab time in Iceland-sounds very exciting.

It's just too hot here at the moment. The gym has been good enjoying it but adjusting.


I am sure there is a micro climate in the south west! Hope your run in daylight went well. I hope your son had a fab time in Iceland, sounds very exciting.

I am enjoying the gym but miss running outside but i can't complain, I am luckily that I can just pop along on my bike and enjoy the air conditioned environment.


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