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Am thinking of joining my local leisure centre so I can use a treadmill a couple of times a week during bad winter weather, but keep the Parkruns up throughout, so hoping not to lose too much touch with the outside world over the winter, so keeping the appropriate muscles going, as I believe less or different muscles are used on the treadmill?

Having never used one, I've heard from others that treadmills are boring, I can see this, but these ones are facing windows so I would imagine I'm running outside, we will to be worth a go..

I can get membership for £16 per month, which includes concessions for age 60 plus and all in unlimited gym & swimming pool use on weekday's 9-4.

Think I'll give it a whirl!😀

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  • At £16 per month it's a worthwhile expense even if only as a back up.

  • Hi, that is a great deal - at that price even if you only do one run/activity a week it is worth it. I would see if you can do a run on a treadmill before signing up though if you have never used one before, the only time I used one I felt dizzy for ages afterwards, most horrid ! :)

  • £16 a month to run on a machine! Is it me???? I just don't get it. A machine to run on! I reckon I must be from another planet or sommat.

    Outside is where it's at. Rain, shine, snow or blow. I like being in touch with the elements. Windy is a bit pants, but rough with the smooth and all that

    Don't write it off Dave x

  • It's not only to run on a machine! Miss w didn't you read my post properly? lol

    I can do other stuff in the gym and also swimming all in for £16 a month, and I'm not "writing it off" I did say I'll still be doing Parkrun throughout, But then I suppose you enjoy slipping around on ice & snow? Sorry, but I don't think that's where it's at..

  • Yes, I'll get an introductory consultation appointment as well..

  • Variety is the spice of life n everything ! I think you should go for it Dave - my local leisure centre has swimming program that builds up your stamina, which is great if your a bit rusty, like a plan as well as being perfect cross training :)

  • I bought a gym pass last winter for the same reason. Turned out I love winter running - snow or shine and down to about -20C. I didn't end up using the gym much for running but started weight training recently so I'm happy I retained the membership. I'd give it a try but also give winter running a fair go - which it sounds like you plan to. Clothing takes some getting used to but it's really invigorating.

  • give it a go but be prepared - i started my running life on a treadmill and loved it but moved outside when I felt confident and now when I try to run on a treadmill I just can't seem to keep going for as long :( You may be OK just be prepared!

    Have fun! :)

  • I'm planning to do the same. Wind/rain are one thing, but if it's snowy and maybe icy, I don't want to be slipping over .. so the treadmill sounds a good idea.

  • If it's icy, get off the paths and tracks and run on grass (school playing field or park?). The grip is a lot better on grass. If it's snow you get extra exercise from high stepping through it. I only lost runs last year when I was sinking into the snow close up to knee depth.

  • Thanks Adam. I do run on the hills .. (along the top rather than up and down), so maybe i'll be ok. Interested to know which kind of trainers you wear? I'm thinking i'll need to swap my standard asics for some fell trainers or something waterproof?

  • Last year I swopped to my vibram soled walking trainers in icy weather, but ran in my usual road shoes for most of the time. This year I've got some trail shoes with luggy grips (Salomon Speedcross) which I use for crosscountry in the mud. I think I'll try those.

    Personally, I wouldn't bother with waterproof, because the shoes will get soaked regardless. If I want to keep my toes toasty I put my socks on and then put a sandwich bag over the foot before putting the shoe on. The feet still get wet, but it's warm wet from sweat and not cold wet from ice/snow. This is a trick I learnt from caving and kayaking. You could, of course, go out and buy some sealskinz socks. They do exactly the same but cost rather more than a sandwich bag.

  • Great, thanks. i've been looking at salomon trainers .. will invest in some. As for the sandwich bag tip - not a nice thought! Can imagine that it works though. That's dedication!

  • £16 a month sounds like a good deal. I use a mix of treadmill and outdoors and it suits me. Horse for courses and all that!

    Can't say that I'll be doing much outdoors deep winter. Better to have an alternative than to drop to doing nothing and having to start all over again.

  • For £16 a month you can buy quite a lot of winter gear. I ran outside all last winter and only missed 4 runs because the snow was too deep. Buy a beanie hat (£1 from the pound shop), a pair of thin gloves (pound shop again), a couple of long tops and leggings (Sports Direct or Aldi) and a windproof jacket (Aldi had them in last week for under £20) and you are all set up. If you run very early or late you may want a head torch as well.

    I certainly wouldn't join a gym solely to torture myself on a dreadmill. :(

    I would think very carefully about what additional benefit you will get from your membership before committing.

  • I wouldn't join a gym just to use a treadmill! But paying £16 a month for full use all in of gym & pool weekday is better than £6.50 one off payment for 1 use of treadmill

  • Hi Dave, I'd like to have the option of a gym for such a good price. Running I do prefer outside, I only missed a couple of runs last winter and found the treadmill a poor comparison really, and certainly not as good a work out on the same distance. Mind you, if it's in front of a screen or you can plug in to your own tunes, it's not so bad, but I did find I ran differently.

    Ice - yes definitely go off road, a crispy bridle way cross country is a delight.

    I am at the stage that I'd like to do some cross training now, which I hope will in turn improve my running - that's what I would use the gym for. Fab that you would have access to so much.

    I'm with you on the weekly park runs too - it's also generally not so crowded in the winter - fair weather runners an all!

    Good luck with it


  • Two camps here by the sounds of things. It will be interesting to see if either camp swaps over at some point. They are so polar opposites though - so hard to see it - but never say never!

  • I have a treadmill for my third run of the week when I can't run in daylight. I'm really not a fan but it is better than not running at all. Last year I caught the end of the winter and ran (pretty happily ) in snow, wind and rain!!!

    The membership sounds good value for the other cross training elements ☺

  • I have just started wk 6 and have done all my training on a treadmill at the gym as not confident enough yet to run outside. Have started to use a playlist and use a treadmill by a window to give me a view to focus on. Has worked for me so far but long term aim is to incorporate outdoor running which I hear is a different challenge but by week 9 I hope I will be ready for it.

    Good luck on your running journey! 😉

  • I started off on a treadmill and when I got confident enough I started running out side. I find now running on a treadmill hard, I must run completely different outside, and unable to feel comfortable or get the speed right. You might find you don't have a problem.

    But for £16 if you where going to use all their other facilities as well then it would be worth the money.

  • I have been on once once for 20 minutes...that was 20 minutes I would rather have back in my life :(

    You may love it, I didnt!! However I do all the other things in the gym which helps loads with my running - so if you dont get on either there are plenty of other things to keep you out of mischief...

  • I'll try anything once, if I don't like the treadmill, I'll carry on outside regardless, it's not my intention to stop running outside.

    But I can use the gym to strengthen my legs as I feel they could do with it sometimes when running especially around the knees, and then there's also the swimming pool.. So plenty to keep me going..

  • Personally , I think its a great idea ! Plus you've got the pool and if youre having a free consultation with a instructor you can ask him to work out a good cross training plan for you to strengthen your core and legs . Win - Win

    Yes its a big fat 100% YES from me :-) xxx

  • I use the treadmill far more than the outdoors, I like to see my stats and play around with the numbers

    Also it gives me the chance to do some work on my arms afterwards

    It did/does make me feel squiffy too, my advice is don't jump straight off, stay on and do your stretches first, works for me anyway 😀

  • Sounds great! Feeling squiffy (drunk) after using treadmill, would save some money on booze then! Ha ha.... Not that I drink that much now though..more water..

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