W6R1 but a newbie on the forum

Have just joined the forum having dipped in and out for a while. Started the programme in May last year and got as far as week 7 then stopped (head gremlins I think). Started again at week 6 on holiday in Bordeaux last August (running through vineyards - nice) and got as far as week 8 when I got home then stopped again (ankle and hip pain). Started again last month at week 3 and got up to W5R3 on Monday - enjoyed it! W6R1 tonight and think have banished the head gremlins - so many inspirational comments on here from such lovely people have helped with that! Determined to graduate this time but taking it easy for the leg )))

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  • Well done for giving it another go, good luck with W6 x

  • Great stuff. Those head gremlins are a nightmare. Good to hear you've finally kicked them out.

  • Full marks for perseverance ! Hope you get to the finish line this time. Fingers crossed for you.

  • Well done for taking up the challenge again, take it slowly and follow Laura. I think by week 9 Laura will have planted the running bug in your head, she have with me I'm addicted. Good luck with the rest of the program happy running.

  • I love Laura and its the best thing I have done, used to do circuit training before and various other classes but I've got to say running is not a chore but pleasure and I also swim twice a week too this helps my poor lungs. So keep up the great work x

  • Sounds like it's going to be third time lucky! Good for you for giving it another go. I'm in Week 7 and hoping to make it to the end...

  • Thanks all - looking forward to tomorrow's run and you have spurred me on even more. Love Laura and the music. Can't quite remember when "Julie" appears but it must be soon - if I recall "she" is with us for 3 (?) runs so that might be 7th time round for me for that one - eek!

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