hello and thank you

i just wanted to say Hello and thank you to everyone who has posted in response to others and therefore indirectly kept me motivated and on track. You have answered my unasked questions and convinced me that even as an unfit 44 year old, with a million excuses for failing prepared, I could do this.

It has taken a while - it was plain sailing (but hard work) till just before Christmas when a nasty flu laid me off for 6 weeks (I tried running regardless but then found on the forum that running with a chesty cough was a really bad idea!..it is !!) First i really missed running, then i was scared about going back to it so just kept putting it off - where to start ? back to the early weeks would have left me demoralised, so i picked up where i left off - just a little slower paced.

My podcast failed repeatedly when i ran in the gym, my headphone leads annoyed me, cant run at the gym without music ....so boring..... so i went "off piste" and moved outside - in the sleet!

There are lots of REALLY steep hills by the sea in Devon so that was a nightmare and i had to walk some bits, and my overall times were shocking......but instead of giving up I sorted a playlist and some bluetooth headphones, said goodbye to Laura and headed back to the gym. The hill work had obviously done some good as my pace had picked up markedly and I was nearly there.

So I am thrilled to say that yesterday I ran for 40 minutes, non stop, not fast , but I did it ..and i could have kept going i am quite sure (but daughter needed picking up) I always finish lobster red, sweating and euphoric. I still look a state in my gym gear but now I go straight from the gym to the supermarket - i really dont care! It's obvious I've been out running and i dont care what people think (and i dont say that often) I am soooooo amazingly chuffed with myself ( and I dont say that often either)

Thanks guys the forum has been amazing xx


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11 Replies

  • Brilliantly well done. I don't think many would carry one without this forum - I know its kept me going.

  • That is brilliant that you have stuck with it through all those challenges, well done! Your run yesterday shows what you are capable of and you sound so pleased and so you should. Isn't it great that we don't worry what we look like to other people and just carry on regardless and enjoy ourselves. We have the secret you see! x :-)

  • Thats great Pinktrainers, 40 mins non stop is no mean feat so you should be rightly proud of yourself! We're the same age, and i wish i had started sooner, and you're right, the forum is FAB! :)

  • Great stuff pinktrainers. No wonder you sound so proud and pleased :(

  • Well done Pink !

    Many Congratulations to you and welcome to the forum.

    Please keep in touch, this place is amazing , its kept me going through so many ups and downs

    Hope to hear from you again soon xxx

  • What a fabulous post...well done you that really is an achievement.. And we are the same age!! I never thought I would get this far either but it's amazing what we can achieve when we put our minds to it....

  • You should be proud, you didn't give up, you kept going and your reward is running for 40minutes! I bet most of the people in the supermarket can't say they they can do that.

  • Well done for sticking at it despite all the setbacks! I've just recently moved to a hilly seaside area as well and really struggled with the hills at first - still don't particularly like them but I am slowly getting better at them! I agree that this forum is perfect for motivation when you need it - I love reading about everyone's achievements (and I have to confess that sometimes during my runs I mentally compose my next post here!)

  • Thanks everyone, Now Ive graduated , and the mornings are getting lighter I cant wait to get outside more and run the hills too - thats the next challenge, the views are stunning.

    I "liked " the gym because it was easy to stick at a pace that suited me - which is so important - and easy to gauge improvement - also important for motivation! But actually as my fitness has improved I am not desperately watching the clock tick down anymore, infact i think it might be working against me - what a difference in mind set! Just seen my graduation badge - feeling happy :-)

  • Well done for sticking with it. 40 minutes is a great achievement and you are right to be proud!

  • Well done you !

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