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Making the most of a late start at work I ran this morning.

Laura said the second run was done and I was so surprised that I decided to carry on and ended up going through the 5 min walk. Mind you when I say run, read very slow jog!

Quite looking forward to r3 now, although this morning the sunrise was lovely and I ran in a frosty field whereas Wednesday will be a dark evening run with head torch all on roads: not so inspiring really.

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Well done - I honestly didn't find the 20 mins as bad as I thought it would be. I'm a very very slow jogger but its the endurance that matters they say. The first 5 mins seemed long, the next 5 were difficult, but the last 10 manageable and I actually had some puff left for the last 2 mins. Everyone says its fine - and it is. Good luck for Wed evening.


Congratulations on the run and on carrying on!


Brilliant! Well done EustacuaVye. I hope you still did a five minute cool down walk as that is important. Slow is good, the slower the better. You are ready for the next run, we're all behind you cheering you on! Make sure you post and tell us all about it.


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