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W4R3? Not 100%

I've not been to well last couple of days been full of it, I had to really really push myself, but when I got back home I felt awful, so think I'm going to start my w5 on Tuesday, I did run for most of it today, I did struggle the 2nd three minute run, I run about 1min of that bit, but I did run for the rest of it.

I'm still proud of myself but it was bloody cold and a very cold wind to.

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Yes, it might be worth taking an extra rest day. Well done for getting out there - it shows real determination. Hope you are feeling better soon!


Well done for getting out there, but take care. The good thing about doing the hard beginning part of C25K in the cold and wind is that by the time you get to running for 30 mins and are a bit more comfortable with it the weather should be warming up you will be fitter and you will really be able to enjoy yourself. Hope you feel back on top form soon.


I went out this morning and only did a short run too, it was evil out there! I think I was running o the spot at one point with that horrid wind in my face. How come it's never behind you blowing you on? Well done on your progress, an extra rest day is prudent, especially if you don't feel 100%. Good luck with next week xx


an extra days rest certainly wont hurt, well done you for getting out in the cold and having a go , hope you feel better soon :)


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