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Yes I am totally excited

Today I completed week 5 run 2 and believe me it was a fun time

I loved the podcast and the run

At start I doubted that would I be able to run for 8 mins in one shot but to my surprise even after 8 mins I had juice left in me well I slowed down as said in podcast and took the break of 5 mins and there I again ran for 8 mins with the slow down of 5 mins and surprise

Pod cast completed ohhhhh

In time of 31 mins 30 sec


distance covered of 4.14 km

I was sad

I wanted to run more

Not only I want to but I had to as I was 1 km far from my house lol :-)

So I told to my self let's go and complete this distance by running again

So I completed the whole track in

Time of 39 mins

completing the

distance of 5.20 km

However I know not to over do but I had no choice and it's better to run then walk home !!!

Attaching a pic of final run

All the suggestions and advices are whole heartily welcome

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I don't think that you need any advice - you seem to be getting it all done nicely. Just keep doing what is required by the programme until you can run non-stop for 30 minutes - then you will have graduated. And then the real fun starts!! :)

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Sounds like you are going to love the next run of 20 minutes non stop ! Good luck.


You're doing just fine. Before you now lies the mighty W5R3. It's a great challenge, possibly the greatest of the entire programme, but do not concern yourself. You're ready.

I'm Pretty confident you will blow it into the weeds.

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Thanks friends

I m sure I will do it comfortably


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