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failed :( ... but then I did it :)

On Wednesday I had to do overtime from 20:00 till midnight, so I reckoned I'd better start late and work through. That gave me the opportunity to do a morning run instead of my usual after work session. So I went along and started running w7r1 - 25 minutes. Not great and after 20 minutes I was exhausted and stopped. I was not a happy bunny. It's the first run I haven't finished.

Then today I had a really good day in the office. The work I did on Wednesday evening went really well, and I even got a thanks from the office manager. As I went home I wondered if I dare try again. If it worked I'd be back on track, but if not, it would be two failures on the trot - not a good place to be. My favourite quote is from star wars "Do... or do not. There is no try". Of course I went in and started the run. This time it went much better. I was tired at the end, and the last few minutes weren't that pleasant, but I did it. WooHoo.

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Oh well done. You must have been devastated on Wed; so very well done. Proud of you. Can't convey how much it must mean to be back on track. And I love that saying. Good luck for the rest of W7. And remember what everyone says - 'everyone has one bad run'. Enjoy your day.


I guess you are an evening runner! Well done.


Well done! It can be quite demoralising when you have a 'bad' run but even so you still managed 20 minutes which is not to be sneezed at, so a double well done on getting back on it and succeeding with the 25 mins :D As frannyfran says... maybe you are an evening runner. Happy running for the rest of the week x


Well done!

Always try and hang in there. Run really slow, take the time to recover your breath and carry on. It's good to have a mantra!!!! Keep the Star Wars one as you will remember it and you can use it to encourage and inspire you when the going gets tough and you have to dig deep

Enjoy your next runs, you're nearly at the end!


Worry ye not RM, its a learning curve and all character building .

You know now what you are capable of so don't let them voices in your head tell you otherwise ! You can do it, you DID do it ! :-)

Never Give Up , Never Give In xxx


great quote :D and another run ticked off so well done , " use the force" or anything that helps you complete each run :D you are getting so close to graduation now , look how far you have come from week 1 :D


Fantastic! Well done you :)


Really well done! At this stage of the program, it's not so much about the fitness - the jump up in times is really not that much after week 6, but what it does become is so much more of a head game. This is the make or break when you develop the habit to keep you a runner post graduation. You have overcome those gremlins that scuppered you on the first try - that is a huge achievement and will stand you in good stead. Well done again - that graduation badge is just around the corner...


> that graduation badge is just around the corner...

...the corner is 20 miles away and I have to run every inch to get there :)

But hey, that's not even a marathon!! Might take me a month though :)


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