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First RUN

Dear all

Firstly I really admire the way every one is sharing and helping each other.

Well I am planning to take running seriously

I am considering to take the program of C25k

For fitness test

I completed my first ever run today

time 50.40

Distance 6 km

My age 31 male

My weight is 97kg

I don't know if that is good or bad but

But I want to improve

Can you all pls give your advice on the following

1 I should train foe 5 k or 10 k

2 which app is better for iPhone

Anything else you I should know

Thanks I n advance

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Welcome to C25k. I would suggest you download the podcast rather than use the app on the iPhone because sometime the timing goes a little awry.

You should really just do one run every other day and progressively work up to the 30 minutes run. You may achieve 5k after 30 minutes at the end of the 9 weeks - but it isn't compulsory. Everyone is different.

Enjoy yourself and keep us updated on your running journey.


Sorry, I should have directed you to the podcast download site - it is here:



I have just downloaded it


If you can run for fifty minutes and cover 6k then you are much fitter than most people starting the NHS C25k training programme, which is designed to get total non-runners to be able to run continuously for 30 minutes, 3 times a week at the end of a nine week programme, and covering a distance of approximately 5k in that time. So you may in fact be fitter than many graduates of the programme.

You would probably be a candidate for jumping well into the programme. Try week 5 to start with, because even though you exceeded the duration and distance of that week, you may find a difference doing three runs per week. As a new runner, it is recommended that you do not run on consecutive days, although other non impact cross training can be hugely beneficial to your progress as a runner. Core strength exercises, in particular, are very helpful as you try to increase your distances.

Try the NHS C25k app or podcasts, but if you feel you can manage them easily, you may be ready for the C25k+ podcasts The advantage of following a scheme like C25k is that it is gently progressive in its demands on your body and therefore minimises the risk of injury, which may occur if you do too much too soon. Nothing stops your running career quicker than injury.

Good luck.

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Thank you so much

This was exact what i was searching for

Well I did my second run today and it scored 48.40 mins with distance covered 6.5 k

As guided by you I m planning to take a break tomorrow and then start with week 4 of podcast

Hope luck be with me

Thanks for your advice's

Any other suggestions or advice's are welcome

Thanks once again


What App are you using - I don't think that you are doing C25K??


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