An apology

I'm truly sorry that after asking for advice on myasics plan and whether I should ditch the 10K run today I went and did it anyway. I needed to prove 2 things 1) that I could run up the ridgeway towards the end of the run and 2) that my time last week wasn't a fluke and I could do 10K in under 60 mins again. Both ticked off. Feeling happy now

Happy running all. Listen to your body it makes a lot of sense ;-)


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33 Replies

  • Today I listened to mine to and it said doooonnn't sit in front of the telly or do the ironing - go out and run in those new shoes even though last time it was horrible and yesterday you couldn't even get out of the car without wincing! Feeling good now :)

    Supercongrats on your speedy 10k again!

  • Thanks useitorloseit sounds like you had a great run

  • Sometimes a man has to do what a man has to do! Well done x :-D

  • Thanks no-excuse

  • Correct. We know that resistance is futile

  • Definitely I'm weak willed

  • LOL! A serious question. Were you weak willed before C25k?

  • Nah I'm tenacious really ;-)

  • Marvellous!!!! I'm sitting here with a stinking cold thinking do I run or dont I. Kill or cure!!

  • Take care Toonlou it could sweat it out or make it worse. Hope you're better soon

  • I know. Still deciding. May try a little run!!!

  • Me too Lou. Grrrr. Though suspect OH would have a fit if I went out, after he's spent the weekend cossetting me, doing all the housework and generally being at my beck and call :)

  • Oh no!!! Yeah don't upset him!!! Imagine what be will be like when he gets man flu!!!

  • Gorrrrr blimey GF that's a damned good time there. Well done on that. SO next weekend we'll all be expecting something COSMIC!!

  • Thanks Dan. Not as quick as Thursday but hopefully will keep up with Aussie ;-)

  • Well done GF, my inspiration :)

  • Looks like it's working

  • At the risk of repeating myself, I knew you could do it :)

  • Oooh I like your new photo ! What is it ? :-D xxx

  • Cheers Pops. It's a 1970s Austin Allegro, because, physically, I seem to be about as reliable. No sooner have I sorted out me recent suspension problems, than me air filter's got blocked and me engine's only firing on 3cylinders (or, in plain English, now my hips are feeling better, I've got the cold from Hell, can't breathe through my nose and I'm coughing for England) I'm basically the living embodiment of 1970s motoring ;)

  • Ah, Ha ha , Oh dear EM :-) Sorry to hear youre not well . Poor you xxx Good news that your hips are okay though .

    Hope it wont be too long before your new photo is a Porsche , that would be good wouldnt it ? :-D

    Take care and I hope you feel better soon xxx

  • Thank you Sweetie. :) Dunno about a Porsche, I'd settle for a Honda Civic! xx

  • Thanks EpicMum

  • Well done GF, another one in the bag , fab stuff !

    Now Ive heard people on here mention a " taper week " before a race, are you going to do one ? What are your running plans for next week ?

    Oooh get me , sounding all serious ha ha :-D xxx

  • Thanks PP. Yes I've hear people tapr as well. The plan I'm on has 3 runs a 5K jog (slow), a race pace (5:23 mins per KM) 5K and another slow jog 5K then a whole days rest before the race. I may drop one of the jogs or the race pace 5K. Should be interesting as Aussie had some cracking PBs today which are only just quicker than my PB ;-)

  • 5.23 mins per km ? Wow, that is fast. You and Aussie are doing so well.

    Im really looking forward to hearing how you all go on next week. Is this your first one G ?

    Exciting times ahead :-) xxx

  • Yes it is my first (possibly my last) with 15000 runners expected I may not make it in 2 hours!

  • You naughty naughty wonderful runner, you're not sorry at all are you? ;-) You're on a roll, gotta go with it when you're like that! Another great time xx

  • Thanks Curly - suffering today from a very sore calf but I'm sure it'll be fine with RICE and ibuprofen gel

  • Tell me you're not going out again? Naughty naughty GF!

    BTW how many times a week do you usually run? I'm doing 3, thinking of slipping another one in somewhere....

  • No I'm going to taper this week so will run 2 5k jogs one on Wednesday and one on Friday. I have been running 4 times a week recently but I think 3 is more sustainable unless you are training for something

  • Absolutely fantastic, GF. Congratulations!!

  • Thanks Tomas

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