First medal (ever!)

First medal (ever!)

Although I haven't officially graduated yet when I first started the C25K programme I was persuaded to sign up for a 5K race in a local park. I reckoned by the time the race came around I would be at or nearly at the 5K mark so it would be ok.  I have done 3 parkruns so knew that in theory I could run the distance but this felt like "real running" as we had a race number to pin on and we got a medal and t-shirt for finishing.  I was running it with my daughter who has been my running buddy throughout.  We were a bit worried that everyone would be a bit too fast for us but just wanted to get round the course and experience a proper race.  The weather was typical bank holiday weather, pouring down and blowing a gale but it was strangely refreshing when running in it.  

It was a lovely course, through the park, alongside the river, over a bridge and through some woods. Although there were a few hilly bits and we were glad to see the finish line, we managed ok and enjoyed it (in a masochistic way)!  We finished together in a fairly respectable 33:04 and 33:05 mins which I was pleased with although it was a bit slower than parkrun.  But the most important thing was I got a medal - I think it is the first I have ever had but better late than never!   

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  • Fantastic- well done, you both look very happy and proud - and so you should!

  • Awesome - well done!


  • Fantastic!  Well done, both of you.  And a very respectable time, too :)

  • Well done to both of you , lovely pic !

    Oh I love getting the precious bling too :-) Heres hoping its the first of many for you

    Congratulations ! xxx

  • That's a great 5k time!😊😆congratulations to you both,  races are fun!

  • Thanks everyone, medal is hanging proudly from the wardrobe door, I did wonder if I could get away with wearing it for a few days but thought I might get a few funny looks! 

  • Well done ladies! That's a nice big medal, isn't it?

  • Wow, well done to you both, that's very speedy too! Love a bit of bling, and that one is going to be special for many reasons!

    Happy days!


  • Thank you, yes it was a great feeling, never thought in a million years I would be running races and enjoying it and just running because it makes me feel great (not always at the time, but always after I have finished!)

  • Well done both - and very good times too!

  • Brilliant ! Better than me for sure

  • 33 mins is still a really good time for 5K - well done!

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