Love, awe, and SHOCK!

Yesterday was a glorious day for running, I nearly put it off because today was forecast to be a bit sunnier, but I'm so glad I went. I put on my magic shoes and off we trotted. I was going for a bit further that last week, 8K.... wasn't sure if I was up for it, but not only was I up for it, I sprinted the last KM - under 7 mins at the end of a run like that! Totally shocked, total time 1 hour 3 mins, 2 mins more than last weeks 7.4K. I can't believe I did that! LOVE those shoes!

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  • Wow that is good...can I borrow your shoes pretty please?

  • Sprinting the last km?! I think I need a pair of these magic shoes!! Amazing!

  • Well, you know, a sprint for me is nowhere near as fast as a gentle run for some here, but I'm chuffed!

  • You are doing amazingly CG!!!

  • Thanks Tea, I'm getting a PB of some sort every time I go out, I must have really been struggling with those old shoes!

  • I'm speechless which, as you know, is very rare for me!!!

  • What shoes are they?

  • Brooks Adrenaline, there's a pic here somewhere. I can only assume the others weren't really right for me...

  • ooh I'll have to check those out!!!

  • So brilliant! I've been back through your posts to see what the shoes are! (I'm not a weird stalky shoe fetish type honest) What are they? Have they got any support in them? Already thinking about my next pair....

  • Oh, duh, just seen the last Brooks post...

  • By support if you mean are they for pronaters, YES!

  • Hah! Excellent!

  • Wow fantastic Curly and sprinting at the end too sounds marvellous. I also had to go out yeaterday as it was too nice to miss.

  • It's gorgeous again today too! I wanna get out there! I'm knackered though!

  • Well done thats a great time. You is flying :-D I have some catching up to do ;-)

  • Wow curlygurly! :) thats great going! i need some magic shoes! :)

  • You really are motoring now aren't you...Great stuff...

  • That is great! Well done on your first 8K too, and that is a very good time!

  • Fantastic CG, well done. Isn't it lovely to get those PB's and to just get out there and have fun. Mmm new shoes- that's got me thinking........x :-D

  • I think it is the magic runner to applaud, not just the shoes - well done!

  • Wow Curly ! I am sooo impressed , that is amazing !!!

    See , all your hard work is paying off, you are doing brilliantly. Massive Well done to you Curls , excellent job Missus ! :-D xxx

  • Wow, that is a GREAT time. Well done!

  • Wow! Those PB's are coming thick and fast. Maybe it's the magic feet in the magic shoes that should take a bit of credit too ;) Sounds like a great run :)

  • Crumbs Curly, you're really flying at the moment! I'm sure the shoes have a bit to do with it, but it's mostly down to your own hard work and determination. You're on a role m'dear. It'll soon be time to revisit 'that' Parkrun venue and show 'em who's boss!!! Go Curly!!

  • Whoooo whoooo! Marvellous stuff! Well done you and your new shooooz!!!

  • Super fast curly in her magic running shoes. Go girl, go. Well done you.

  • Great stuff Curly! No stopping you now

  • Blimey, 8k in new shoes. Great run Curly. Just think of the possibilities when you settle on the sock decision :)

  • Good point Slookie, yes what colour did you go for in the end , Curly ? :-D xxx

  • Oh, still using my boring white ones from Aldi, they are so comfortable...but I will have a look at socks and laces next time I'm in SD.. scared to go in there in case I spend too much! The shoes needed a second mortgage!

  • Ha ha yep, I cant go into SD for just a look, I always end up buying something ! Far too tempting for me :-D xxx

  • Great run. Well done.

  • I love to hear how well you are doing!!!! Congratulations and as many have said its the magic feet inside the magic shoes that did it!!

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