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W2 R1... What's a good 1km pace for this stage in the program?

Hi again,

I've read a lot of comments along the "slow and steady" lines but my question is are you better pushing a bit more if you can manage it?

Today I did 3.7km with an average of 8:10/km (according to Runkeeper anyway)

Without the warm down the first three 1km splits were around 7:40

Am I OK trying to sustain this sort of pace or would I benefit more by slowing down a bit??

*** Disclaimer: Complete newbie to this so assume I know nothing plus I will seldom take offence to anything ***

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I would say if you are comfortable at that pace, stick with it. As the programme progresses you will find a pace you are happy with and can maintain for longer periods. You could always push for faster at the end of your run if you are feeling good!


Thanks Breezie


"What's a good pace?"

Please forget all about pace at this stage in the program.

C25K has a wide range of runners, from young whippersnappers aged 16, up to the (**ahem**) more experienced runners. Some of us carry a lot of weight, some of us are trying to bulk up and build some more muscle. Others have injuries or medical issues that limit how hard they can exercise. Then you have the inspirational graduates who run fast, far and often.

So there really cannot be a "good pace", only a good pace **for you**.

I don't know if 7:40 is a good pace for your 3 1km splits. Don't be afraid of pushing a little harder if you find that you can go a bit faster, but equally, don't pick some arbitrary pace to aim for. I'd say what is important is that you find a pace for C25K that you can sustain. You'll have the rest of your running life to increase your speed. Whilst you are doing C25K it is more important that you run for the prescribed time without tiring: you'll want to run slower in weeks 5 & 6 I have no doubt.

Do keep a track of your pace if you want to; make certain that you are exercising at a level where you can hold a conversation, but listen to your body & speed up (or slow down) if necessary. After a run, look at your pace and see if you were running faster or slower than previous weeks, but ignore it _during_ the run until you're running 30 minutes comfortably.


Thank Marky


Wot Marky said!!!!


slow is good. slower still is better.

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Suggest you take it easy and let your body get used to it. If you go to mad you will get shin splints and then your will be over for a while. Remember it's not a race yet. Just enjoy being able to do what you can. You have plenty of time after the programme to push your body as hard as you want J


As the others have said, there is no set pace for every body, but it sounds very very fast to me! At your stage I was doing about 10.45 per KM but every body is different.. you might find you need to slow down a bit when you get to the longer runs, or you might find your current pace suits you. The important thing when you get to the longer runs is to be able to keep going and not burn out before Laura says you can stop. If you can do that you're doing just fine!


Thanks Curly


definitely dont worry to much about pace at this stage , it really is about completeling the timed runs , if you are running at a pace that is good for you ,stick with it but if you ran slower it wouldnt matter either :D

Do what you feel good with but always remember that it isnt about pace or distance at this stage :D


These are exactly the sort of comments and advice I was looking for... I'll see how this week goes and as suggested just stick to a level where I can comfortably get through the run sections as they begin to increase

Thanks everyone!


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