Ramblers not giving way

As a runner I am always courteous to other pavement/path users, leaving sufficient space, stopping if necessary, acknowledging the motorists that slow or stop to let me cross the road so I don't have to break my stride. Today I choose a different route for my run and encountered some very inconsiderate ramblers, togged out in all their walking gear, big boots, walking poles etc. On one section of my run it was uphill on a narrow pavement when I saw this group of ramblers heading towards me, the pavement was only wide enough for two people and they were walking in pairs in groups spread out back up the road. The first group made no effort to walk in single file so I had to step into the road, the same happened with the second group by the time I got the third group i felt like shoulder barging them into the hedge but they were mostly elderly ramblers, who in my opinion should have had better manners and walked in single file, but I thought us runners should not stoop down to their level in being discourteous to other pavement/path users. So upholding the good manners that the runners on this forum abide too I stepped aside once again but did shout to them it would be good to share the pavement not hog it. I like walking the countryside myself and have enjoyed some very good holidays in the lake district and other parts of the country striding out in my walking/rambling gear but I am always respectful to other people I pass on my walks or runs. Anyone else encountered inconsiderate pavement/path users on their runs and any advice on what to do in future bearing in mind I don't want to lower the good standards that us runners abide to.


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17 Replies

  • January has made the pavements in my village rather busy with walkers and runners trying to work off the Christmas excesses, but I am delighted to say that everyone I met today moved aside or we laughed and found the best way for all of us to get through - people with walking boots generally went on the squishy grass and left me in my wee running shoes on the path. Perhaps I just live in a very polite village! :)

  • I think I must have encountered a bad bunch today I checked the website of the Lodden valley ramblers who operate from my town and they did not have a planned walk today so I guess it was a group who just decided to go out today and were not on their best behaviour.

  • I live in an area where people tend to give way - if I'm out running, I always give way to other villagers, but despite that I often find that before I get close, some have walked off the pavement to leave it for me, clearly thinking that someone crazy enough to be running must have some sort of urgent business. I haven't enounctered any path-or-pavement hogging ramblers.

    Now cyclists, on the other hand (I'm a keen cyclist myself as of this month) drive me absolutely bonkers when they insist on cycling side by side on narrow country lanes, making it impossible for cars to overtake. Rude. Selfish. And very dangerous!

  • I agree Thomas most people step aside when they see a runner coming I guess I happened across an odd group today.

  • What a shame! Most people seem to be very good natured but you do get the odd one or two who seem to have no idea what it means to have good manners. I find it quite bizarre when you get that kind of group mentality going on with people. You'd think they'd enjoy themselves more if they lightened up a bit wouldn't you! My old Mum used to say that if people were never taught good manners they can't help themselves and should be ignored. However, if they were taught good manners and choose not to use them they are just downright rude and should be ignored also! Like you say, no point in lowering yourself to their standards. Not sure if my Mum was right but I always took her to mean that it was just best to ignore them and not let them spoil your day x

  • Thanks hilbean it didn't spoil my run and being a new route I soon forgot them as I was trying to remember which way to turn at junctions for the next path that crisscrossed through my route. It was a good run and I can join the route to another I do to get to 10 k without having to double back on some roads.

  • I usually just say "excuse me please" and most will apologise and move aside. I think they are just in their own little world and don't realise how much room they are taking up.

  • We get hordes of em here and they really think they are invincible when they are in large groups (two abreast down a single track road and trying to get past in a car can take a week's holiday). Grin, bear and take comfort from the fact that at least you know how to behave cos its probably too late for them.

    You could try shouting 'contagious runner coming through' and see if they scatter? :D

  • Tried to leave a smiley face in reply to your post Slookie but kept getting a blank post your last sentence made me laugh.

  • I get this occasionally with dog walkers in my park but I curse them internally whilst giving them sarcy looks...luckily though most people are courteous so hopefully it was a one off!

  • I have to say that I find groups of ramblers a complete pain in the arse. They are so wrapped up in themselves and their conversation that they simply aren't paying attention. And they spread out, as you've described, across the full width of the path and simply don't show common courtesy and make way for other users. I also think they have no understanding that other people, whether running or cycling, are moving much faster than they are and the 'hazard' will be upon them much sooner than they realise. On shared walker/cyclist paths they are a real menace, and they invariably get affronted if asked to share the space.

    I find it best to shout at them - first I shout Good Morning, then I shout Excuse Me, then I shout Come On, You Lot, Pay Attention. Then they get umpty. :( Then I shout at them again :) :)

  • you need a runners bell, that would make them move. Or make you laugh at the thought of it. lol


  • Hahaa....some great suggestions! Do what I do when I meet 'phone-engrossed' walkers in town. I walk right up to them, into them if necessary, and frighten the living daylights out of them. Well, if they can't be bothered to look where they're going............ ;-)

  • Where I drive up into the Peaks I encounter many ramblers chatting and walking in the middle of the road. I must admit when they see me coming in my Hilux they soon get on the pavement :)

    Whilst running my biggest bugbear are cyclists...sorry to any cyclists. One actually tried to ride in between me and my running friend when there was plenty of room to the side of us. Bloody idiot :(

    Walkers I don't seem to have a problem with. And dog walkers are always fab but I know most of them. My problem is all the dogs want to say hi (I'm a dog walker professionally so quite well known in the dog community!!!)

    Manners never cost anything but there are some very selfish people out there.

    Smile and wave. Smile and wave :) xx

  • We live up a very steep, single track lane with no pavements that goes nowhere other than turning into a footpath across the moors. So we get loads of ramblers.

    They always walk in groups, taking up the whole lane. They look at you as though you are from another planet if you drive up or down the road. They do eventually move but never move to all on one side - you have to squeeze past them whilst burning it your clutch waiting for them to decide to move.

    Then you just get past them and another group appear.

    But what I really to love the most about them is that they think it's perfectly acceptable to walk down my driveway to take in the view from the top of my garden and then look at me in disgust if I decide to bring my car on to my drive.

    I'm not too keen on ramblers - does it show?

  • I live towards the end of a bridalway that leads into some woods, people drive down there find they cant turn round so back into my driveway which has a wide V opening. I come home and find broken rear light glass and chunks taken out of my gate posts, I had to have one gate post replaced as it was loosened after being hit by a truck. I want to install some spikes that can shoot up from underground and puncture the tyres if it is not my car entering the driveway.

  • And font get me started on cyclist (sorry to considerate cyclists).

    They expect me to get out of their way on the canal path and grab my dog but don't seem to think they should slow down as they whizz past me.

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