don't want to run outside - use the equipment?

it's cold, muddy, storms on the way.. I'm lucky enough to have a cross trainer (no, not a grumpy person but kind of xerise bike ++) I'm planning on adapt the c25k and have just tried. Plus is I'll do it, Minus is it seems tougher to 'brisk walking' as there's resistance and arm movement. I managed 20+ mins (which is 20+ mins than I've done in last year).

Anything is better than nothing, right? Any support for this approach, guys?


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11 Replies

  • At least you aren't on the couch. Having previously used cross trainers it depends on how much resistance you are going against. When I started C25K I found it really tough despite thinking I was fairly fit. Running uses all kinds of muscles that you aren't aware of day to day. The cross trainer should also exercise your core muscles which is the same as running but there is a real training effect when you are lifting your own body weight step by step.

    Good luck with whichever approach you take and well done for not being on the couch

  • Thank you so much for the helpful comments and encouragement - just what I need to get new habits started.

  • all cardio is good cardio. 20+ mins of cross-trainer three times a week will do wonders to improve your fitness. Definitely better than sitting around waiting until the weather is better. Swimming, stationary biking, rowing, treadmilling, stair climbing... all are good exercise to replace running when you can't due to circumstance or injury, and to supplement running when you can.

  • good advice, thanks. Perhaps I'll be ready to run in the spring and meanwhile I'm getting a benefit. It's great to have this kind of support.

  • I agree totally with GF and Rignold: Any exercise is a lot better than no exercise. And the crosstrainer can give a very good workout of leg and arm muscles. So enjoy it and the fitness benefits it gives :)

  • thanks Tomas - good to hear the positive view about the cross trainer

  • We've got a cross trainer too and I'm ashamed to say it mostly just gathers dust! I've been thinking I might switch from running to using that for a while as I'm suffering from an injury or two at the moment.

    It's definitely treacherous out there at the moment, I almost slipped on the ice this morning!

    Thank you for the inspiration! :)

  • hey spicymoss - inspired name! hope the injuries soon clear - don't gather any more (injuries not moss)

  • wd be better if i got your name right!!! sorry

  • Ha ha ha ha! That's okay - yesterday somebody called me Skimpymoss! I will add Spicymoss to my collection :D xx

  • Done week 1, feeling more determined and did the last session with most effort yet, really feeling the benefit already. See what a little encouragement can do?! Thanks all, I'm thrilled. And steaming!!!

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